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Weekend in Kaohsiung with Mayday

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It was a longer than expected journey from Hong Kong to Kaohsiung. Mainly because you’d think I’d fly directly into Kaohsiung. No, that’s too sensible. I flew into Taoyuan airport and took the THSR (Taiwan High Speed Railway). So it was 2 hours by plane, 30 minutes by bus to the train terminal, and 2 hour express ride to Kaohsiung. I decided to go business class since it was late in hopes to get a meal. Not the case, meals stop at 7pm, an hour before I boarded. I have to say business class is really nice. Sure economy is roomy, but imagine business class seats being larger. Enough to have room for both people to share and arm rest and lean back without interrupting the person behind you. Wish I could do business class on a plane. I’d definitely travel more.

The reason I was down here was to meet up with Vicky. She and her friends were coming down to attend the 五月天 (Mayday) concert. I was tagging along. And tagging along I eventually did. They had an extra ticket. Next thing you know I was in a stadium with ten of thousands of screaming people. Okay so not quite screaming like you’d imagine in a U.S. concert. Just happens I was sitting next to an avid fan who’d occasionally vocalize her affection for the group. Right on! Good to see such dedication. Now if I could only understand the melodies I’m listening to. It was a great show though. Had all the makings of one. Fireworks. Surprise appearances around the stadium. Smoke. Lasers. The non-lethal kind of course. An encore that lasted about 2 hours. An ambulance that was probably a result of it. And glow sticks. Music synchronized coloring glow sticks. We had the non-synchronized kind. Boo. But we weren’t alone. Only shows there were alot of people that waited until the entrance to get their glow sticks. Oh well, we had a great deal. $200NTD for six sticks. Yay!

The whole thing lasted over 4 hours.

Thank goodness we had a good meal before hand. We went to an Izakaya place near the hotel. This was more of an Taiwanese Izakaya place with foods you’d consider more Chinese than Japanese. Didn’t matter. It all went great with beer. And I loaded up on it.

For the rest of the weekend, there were only a few things to note. Single Inn Hotel was an interesting place. Made me feel like I was in a dorm, a much cleaner and better regulated dorm. On check in you’re given a set of headphones and remote. You swap your shoes for slippers and head into the rooms. Everything is quiet in there and you realize why. The door to the tiny rooms aren’t sealed, as in, there’s an opening at the top and bottom of the flimsy doors. You can hear about everything that goes on. Now I get the headphones. It’s not just for the TVs but for the sleeping. No matter how quiet people try to be, which some aren’t, you can still hear them echoing down the hall. I have to say, thank goodness they have free ear plugs at the reception. I had to go out and get them halfway through the night. The most uncomfortable sleep I’ve had in a while. The amenities though, like the hot springs. Pretty neat. But it wasn’t hot enough. The cold bath was quite cold though. The other thing we did was have a nice Thai massage and had lunch at a local hot pot place the band frequents. Not sure if it was true but the food was great. Sorry, didn’t bring a camera for that meal.

Stadium for the Mayday Concert

A beautiful modern day stadium was the site where 五月天 (Mayday) played. Around the stadium felt like a night market full of your favorite street vendors. Would have loved to stick around but the concert lasted over 4 hours. An old man needs his bed.

Izakaya and Dining Bar

Everything here is $100NTD. And what a scenic view next to the river. Well, we didn't quite experience it sitting at the ground level. But this place is a couple stories high.

Pineapple Beer

We have seasonal beers like pumpkin ale, they have ones like pineapple beer. Guess I can't complain? It comes in large and all the other beers are self serve. We were sitting right next to the cooler. Normal beer it is. $100NTD

Deep Fried Intestines

A good dish with the salt and white pepper and definitely great with beer. I love these "hot fry" places, especially with large groups. $100NTD

Deep Fried Chicken Cartilage

Again with the cartilage! However this time it's seasoned and cooked with yummy goodness. This thing was all about texture, but now it has taste. Hats off to making an overlooked piece of the chicken into a nice dish. $100NTD

Fish Collar

I'm not sure what fish this is form, but at this price, I don't think it's hamachi or tuna. Not going to complain though. The bite size portions makes it easier to share. $100NTD

Stir Fried Lamb

The lamb here is cut really thin and tossed with lots of flavors. So you don't get any gamey'ness. A good treat for someone on the edge of liking or not liking lamb. $100NTD

Mango Mochi at Mango Cha Cha

A unique offering at this place. Though I'm not sure if everything works together. You got mochi surrounding sweetened mango in a lightly sweetened sauce. I guess it was all sweet and nothing to balance it off. Not a favorite.

Signature Cha Cha Dessert at Mango Cha Cha

Shaved ice with brown sugar, mangos, and mango ice cream on top. What else can you ask for? Oh marshmallows you say? You got it! For some reason those chewy additions makes this dessert my favorite here. $240NTD

Tacos at Pancho's

Okay, so I know I'm in Taiwan, but I just came from Hong Kong. International cuisines stick to their cuisines. This place, catered locally. If you like real Mexican food, this place is going to let you down. But if you're not, this place could be interesting. I had the chicken bacon burrito, which was basically a chicken and bacon Caeser salad wrapped in a tortilla. $150HKD

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