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It was rehearsal day. A time for me to drive around the beltway and head on up to Columbia. But of course, I had a splitting headache from the endless number of drinks last night. There were shots I believe, shots from my old friend Jameson. What a prick. So during my groggy drive, I did what you kids shouldn’t do at home, look up a place to eat while driving. It’s worse than texting. Come on, you’re pretty much looking at food porn. Porn and driving should never go hand in hand (get it? I’m trying to be clever).

My search for a must-try-while-in Maryland came up with Sardi’s, a place for Peruvian charbroiled chicken. Oh my, did it hit the spot. These places have popped up all over the DC area. I remember first having it in Silver Spring, MD before it was taken over went to hell. However, all the new ones like Super chicken or Crisp and Juicy have done a great job in making this available everywhere. Sardi’s does the same having three different locations. But what set this one apart was, as you may have noticed, it’s got a 4.5 star review on Yelp.

Sardi’s Pollo a La Brasa
10433 Baltimore Ave
College Park, MD 20705
(301) 595-3222

Verdict: Yep, I’m making this place a must when I visit.

Afterwards it was up to the Elkridge Furnace Inn a restaurant slash wedding venue slash historical site in a tranquil setting outside of Baltimore. It has some pretty interesting history being part of the Underground Railroad. I wish I had more time to read up on the history to understand the importance of why the place was significant enough to be restored. Or even more so, restored to become a restaurant. But for us, it was about my brother’s wedding and what crazy things we were going to do in that quiet serene place. Dare I mention a Harlem Shake was involved? Happy Friday the 13th.

5745 Furnace Ave
Elkridge, MD 21075
(410) 379-9336

The Elkridge Furnace Home

This home was built in 1744 and was converted to a restaurant in 1997. They try their best to upkeep the colonial architecture while making it a place to eat and hold weddings. As a home, it's actually really cool with all the various rooms you can find throughout the house. From the porches in front to the ones on the second floor facing the small river.

1/4 Charboiled Chicken @Sardi's

Oh I love this stuff. From the fragrance to the tender goodness of, well, properly charbroiled chicken. Can I say more to do this stuff justice. Not really. Just go by one of these places and let the scent draw you in. Once in, order the size of your poison along with two side and slap down your money. Trust me, you'll walk away happy. $6.95USD

Ox Impressions: 

Various Sauces @Sardi's

Here's the secret sauces that boost the flavors of this crack chicken. At other charbroiled chicken places you only get two, the yellow and green one. Here you get three. But really, I only go with the original two, the yellow pepper mayo and the green chili sauces.

Ox Impressions: 

Condiments @Sardi's

Not sure why they have these around. The small sauces they give you work just fine. Maybe they are for the non-charbroiled chicken dishes. Actually, screw that, they should put those secret sauces on everything they serve. Even the ice cream!

Former Slave Quarters @Elkridge Furnace Lodge

Dunno how I really feel about having these around still. Even though they serve a historical value, they seem a bit gimmicky to have around as a point of interest for the place. Dunno. Maybe I'm over thinking things. It does illustrate the stark differences between the two buildings.

Woodwork @Elkridge Furnace Lodge

Still holding strong after a few centuries of wear and tear. Not bad for a wooden structure built in the 1750's.

Nieghborhood @Elkridge Furnace Lodge

I wonder what the Jones' are up to across the street in their 20th century home and that four wheeled invisible horse drawn carriage. Blast that family.

Crab Cake @Olive Grove

I had ordered the Imperial Filet, a smaller version of the surf and turf combo of the jumbo crab cake and the 10oz filet mignon. To be honest, the steak was horrendous. However, the crab cake was b'utterly divine. Now this one was an over the top rendition that made my heart go WTF! But next time, I'm only going for the crab cakes.

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