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Yeah, You Heard Right, It’s Slayer

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The big day… for my brother, and yeah, myself since he made me the best man, which meant, the speech. I only had enough time to outline a speech. But I figured, I’ll get it straightened out after hanging out with my friend and his daughter at the playground. The day was perfect. And apparently it was perfect for me to run into a bunch of other friends I haven’t had a chance to see. And why look, they brought their kids too! Great times catching up and seeing the future my eighteen year old self couldn’t imagine. My friends? Married? Kids? Who the hell are these people? Well kids, as much as you don’t want to think beyond your twenties, your thirties will hit you in no time.

So it was time to eat my sadness away. Who knew I’d be even more sad after eating at Silver Fountain. After my disappointing dim sum time at New Fortune on my last trip, I was looking forward to coming here. Redemption please! It used to be our first choice if we were in the area. It was among the handful of places that still did the push carts, where specific dishes were carted beside every table. Unfortunately, it tastes like the dim sum you could get at take out only places back in San Francisco. They seem to concentrate more on firming up the starchy components and skimping on the proteins, than getting that perfect balance. Uggh, we should have noted the reason there was no line and plenty of tables during lunch time. I had to shed a tear later, because time was ticking away for the wedding.

Silver Fountain
13533 Connecticut Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20906
(301) 460-1200

Verdict: No longer a dim sum option for me.

We had to drive up to Columbia, Maryland which was a good hour from Montgomery County. Luckily, we had the ICC, the Intercounty Connector (MD 200). That cut the time virtually in half. I say virtually because we hit traffic on the 95. Not that it mattered. We got there in time.

The ceremony was quick and it was off to the reception hosted by the people at the Elkridge Furnace Inn. We did a little Harlem Shake for the intro and then an entrance by the bride and groom to the song of Slayer’s Raining Blood (this was so my brother’s idea). The formalities went off without a hitch and my speech was done in a flash. Thank goodness! Then it was off to eating, cake, and of course, dancing. Boy do they like to dance. The dance floor was never empty. Needless to say, the wedding was a blast. Congratulations you two!

Our Table at the Wedding

The place settings were great, but what was better was the food which I didn't take any pictures of. I completely dropped the ball on this one. They had stations set up in three corners of the room each specializing in a certain cuisine. The final corner had the picture booth which became the second best thing to do after dinner besides dancing.

A Few Drinks Later

Not that he was drunk or anything. He's just reveling in the moment.

Outdoor Music

Our entertainment before and after the ceremony. And that guy to the left was the DJ. Guess he wanted to stay near the musical types.

On the Swing Set

Love this high five shot. Can't believe these two buddies of mine are married with kids. Man I'm getting old.

Dim Sum @Silver Fountain

The food here was going downhill. These staple dishes taste as colorless as they came out. I can't believe the last bastion of home town dim sum was falling apart. Please let this be a fluke.

Ox Impressions: 

Shrimp Rice Roll @Silver Fountain

This dish was very doughy. As in, you really had to pour on the sauce to counter the bland rice roll.

Ox Impressions: 

Fried Shrimp Rice Paper Dumpling @Silver Fountain

Probably the most redeeming dish here. Imagine rolling up shrimp in thin rice paper, then frying it to give it some crispy and firm texture. Not too shabby. Should have ordered more of this.

Ox Impressions: 

Shrimp Claw @Silver Fountain

The classic favorite. But if you look closely, the skin wasn't fried at a hot enough temperature, giving that flat texture. Usually it looks as crisp as fried chicken while tasting like yummy seafood goodness. But hey, kids still love this stuff.

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