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Well. It was time to say goodbye to my old home town. So good to have see all my friends and family. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to know such good people. Especially the ones that accept you even when you don’t keep in touch like you used to. Age and time have been playing their cards against each other and we were only the chips in the game. How has it been two years since I’ve been back? It felt like yesterday when I was back here for my buddies wedding. Now they are having a kid and I didn’t know until eight months in. If this has taught me anything, it’s to enjoy your time with the chips around you. Who knows when you’ll be out together again.

Got a little too sentimental for you? Fine.

Back to places and food.

I had to close the loop on the pho places here. So for lunch I met a friend over at Pho Golden Cow. This place was your definition of hole in the wall. Stuck inside a small little strip mall, that had the most fucked up entrances, was this little shop. Don’t expect the place to be spotless clean. Don’t expect it to be organized. Just don’t knock over any boxes and pray the air was circulating, because you’re going to order one steaming bowl of soup. And sure, the description may sound like your typical neighborhood pho place, but take it down one more notch. You know, where the table was all rickety, because the wad of paper holding up one of the legs went missing. And each movement made you spill a bit of your soup. Yeah. That’s the place. But guess what. I didn’t mind. didn’t mind at all. The pho was great and I didn’t even finish. I couldn’t. I left some noodles and concentrated on polishing off the chicken. Gotta love that feeling. Cause you know, it’s pho. Not the most filling of meals.

That’s what I thought as we had some time to kill before the airport.

We went to the Thai Buddhist Temple to check out the street food. No, this was not your typical Asian street food variety. It’s American grade cleanliness in regards to street food. Unfortunately, I was still full by the time we got there. It’s a forty-five minute drive from Virginia to Maryland to the points we were traveling between. Next time I’ll make sure to save room for it.

When will that be? Not sure, everyone here was married now. No mandatory reasons.

I’ll have to come back here as an actual vacation. A vacation in DC, really.

Thai-Buddhist Flags @Wat Thai DC

A typical adornment at temples and in this case, they were small flags leading up to their larger versions. The day was perfect to admire their colors against the blue sky.

Street Market @Wat Thai DC

It's a weekly street fair held in the back of the temple. It's a smaller venue compared to their New Years festival. Still you can find some good food being sold for cheap.

Dessert @Wat Thai DC

On a warm day, all you need is a nice cold dessert drink. This was very similar to a Vietnamese dessert called che. Coconut milk with jellies and crushed iced. Great way to cool down, but not restaurant quality. $2.50USD.

Ox Impressions: 

Assorted Barbeque @Wat Thai DC

There's all sorts of meats you can get grilled here. Unfortunately I was still stuffed from lunch to try these out. Smelled fabulous though!

Sticky Rice @Wat Thai DC

The only thing I regretted not trying out, these bamboo vestibules of coconut infused sticky rice.

Pho Gà Thit Nâu @Pho Golden Cow

I have never thought chicken pho could taste this good. Of course, it could have been because of the dark meat. I usually had the white meat version. But this broth that went with it, didn't need any adjustments. I'll have to ignore the reviews on this place because I'm coming back for this. $6.65USD

Ox Impressions: 

Long Ga @Pho Golden Cow

Did I mention I had a side of these chicken gizzards. It helps with the soup, but it doesn't take it to Turtle Tower levels. It's just over the top. Kinda threw off the balance. Next time I will get a lot less of it. $2.00USD

Ox Impressions: 

Veggies @Pho Golden Cow

Here's one of the wonderful surprises, this type of rau, Ngò Gai, Saw-tooth Herb. You know you're at a good place if they're serving this. Add a different type of freshness than the basil.

Ca Phe Sua Da @Pho Golden Cow

The Vietnamese ice coffee was good. I like how they already skip the glass and give you a to-go cup. You've read my mind. $2.50USD

Ox Impressions: 

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