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On the Catamaran

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The day was dedicated to being on a boat, a catamaran to be exact. You know those boats with two hulls in the water and like flat top for you to lay out on. They are awesome. Fast and nimble, they got us to the first snorkel site in under an hour (getting out of the marina was slow). It was plenty of time for us to look for dolphins that usually swim alongside the hulls. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any. I’d recommend going early morning. Last time we did this, there were plenty that came along. This includes sea turtles. The earlier the better. But today, on both of our snorkeling sites, we only had fish, albeit lots of fish. But we kinda expected that. So the next best thing to do was to snorkel down to the coral, check out the scene, and spot some amazing looking uni. Man, if it were legal for us to take them on board to eat, I’d be in foodie heaven. Even without the grand sightings, we still had a relaxing time on the boat. After snorkeling twice, forty five minutes each, then having lunch, it was nap time. Under the sun cooled by the breeze, we rode back to the docks before sunset.

Ko’ Olina Ocean Adventures

92-100 Aliinui Dr
Slip I-16
Honolulu, HI 96707
(808) 396-2068

On the way back we stopped off at the outlets and had some dinner. We kept it light to try an offset the week of heavy eating. Thank goodness. All this physical activity and I’m still gaining weight. That’s a vacation for ya! Not to mention we went drinking later.

Genius Lounge
346 Lewers St
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 626-5362

Verdict: I’ll be back even to try out the food too.

Sails Up

When the sails go up, it's cruising time. Great way to take a nap on top of the catamaran. $134.00USD (sailing and snorkeling)

Enjoying the Views

We found out later that the captain didn't want us dangling our legs over the front for some reason. Makes it too easy for the sharks? Maybe. Glad we enjoyed it incident free.

Snorkel Gear

This was included in our package. Goggles were much better than the ones they rent you at the beach. Good seal. And the snorkels were solid as well. Good enough to dive and be confident they'll clear when you surface.

Fish Frenzy

You can always get fish food to pull in some great photos. Or you can simply follow the people with fish food.

Aquaman Me

Thanks to my buddy for bringing his underwater camera. He got some really cool shots.

Evening Night Cap @Genius Lounge

This was a great little place in Waikiki. It's upstairs off of Lewers Street, just north of Kalakaua. Full bar with inside and balcony seats. They have food here as well. Will need to try it next time.

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