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Nine hours to Heathrow and nine more hours to Bangalore was quite a commute to work. That’s what I had to do for my trip to the Bangalore office. I should add another hour for the drive to the hotel to wash up and the ride to the office. Oh man was I in for some dire need of caffeine. Thankfully, the office delivered. Strong rich coffee that you needed to balance out with some steamed milk. It wasn’t the staple Indian filtered milk, but it did the trick. As for the filter coffee stuff. I had it on another occasion and it was pretty hard to describe. Smoother? Richer? And that the texture. The taste was quite unique too. Something, I’m sure would be difficult to match back in the states. In any case, this trip to India was a business trip. Seems like all my trips to this country was for business. That usually equals little time to explore.

At least I can give you some food discoveries.

Barbeque Nation
1st Cross Lane
1st Block, Koramangla
Bangalore, Karnataka 560034
+91 80 6060 0001

Verdict: Sure, I’ll come back. And definitely pacing myself.

Enter Barbeque Nation. A restaurant that was a cross between a Brazilian churrascaria, a TGIF Fridays, and your typical buffet. Why? Well, the appetizers, which include an endless assortment of skewered meats, grilled chicken, and chunks of paneer. They are constantly brought to your table until, well, when you drop the flag on your table. And if you’re lucky, like we were, you get to witness a song and dance by the wait staff for any lucky birthday individual. Oh, and not only that, for no reason they broke out in dance, Gangman Style. Wow. Somehow I felt a little uncomfortable. But hell, I had grilled meats and my turn to fill my plate full of Indian food goodness. With all that said, I would have to say, I’m not a fan of this place.

BLR at 6am

It may have been earlier but all I knew was that the sun wasn't out and waiting for our driver was tough. My eyes could barely stay open. And it wasn't like I could sleep on the way to the hotel, this city loves to honk and road conditions were constantly shaking me awake. As I mentioned, it was a rough day.

Entrance @Leela Palace Hotel

The time I wish I had a wider angle lens. This shot doesn't do the area any justice. What you don't see is how this joins the two buildings or even how large this place really was. But hey, you see palm trees here, so it much be posh right?

Pool @Leela Palace Hotel

At night no one really was in the pool even when I think the thing was heated. I gone in during the day and hardly any goosebumps when I got in. May also been the fact that the weather was on the cooler side. Yeah, in India it can feel a bit like SF on a summer day.

Tech Campuses

On our way to the office you can see that we're only one of many companies that have a presence out in Bangalore.

View From the New Office

As nice as our new digs were, both the building and the campus, just a few hundred yards displayed the sharp contrast on how fast the country had evolved.

Tandori Chicken @Barbeque Nation

Probably my favorite thing at the place. It's pretty spicy. Made me order more beer than I'd thought I'd need. And sorry, I wish I had a better shot of the stuff.

Ox Impressions: 

Various skewers @Barbeque Nation

Not sure what to point out, but there were lamb, shrimp, and chicken skewers in there. My favorite among the bunch was the shrimp. All of them seasoned similarly with some spicy curries.

Ox Impressions: 

Sauces @Barbeque Nation

If you don't like the basic taste of the skewers you can coat them with these sauces and cook them some more on the grill. Maybe I forgot to mention that the skewers come to your table cooked?

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