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Opposite, Yet Popular Bars

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I say popular with a huge disclaimer that the term is very subjective. And when it comes to bars and nightlife, it’s about getting out and having a good time. Whether it was with good friends at a dive or drinking alone at a place with eye candy, you’re doing what you set out to do. Getting the fuck out of the house. And where to? I guess in this case, a popular one.

So first up, was the place on top of the Marina Sands Hotel. Popular, sure. As a tourist you’ve probably read or seen this place on TV. Lucky for them, we happen to be a tourists so off we go, paying a cover we could have avoided by going to the lounge, up the elevator to a club neighboring the pool. Oh next time I gotsa get a room here! People were still there enjoying the pool around 10pm. My type of rooftop party. Instead, we went inside through the dance floor, through the fog, and straight to the bar. Felt like a fool handing the bartender our complimentary drink tickets. Who does this at a club?? Apparently us. Didn’t want any rail drinks so we went with beers and hung around realizing that we truly didn’t belong in this club.

Off to texting a local friend for suggestions. This friend happens to love the speakeasy scene which has taken this city by storm. I think it’s gotten a little out of hand since there’s no real history here on speakeasy’s and their concoctions are more about novelty than actually a well made drink. Don’t worry, I know these bars aren’t all alike and there should be some good ones out there. And hey, no hipsters here or even long lines at the bar. Maybe the password at the door was keeping them out. Maybe it’s the hard to find entrance. No, it’s a mixology bar. So it takes forever to make your drink. At least there’s some interesting things to talk about at the bar. Like the big jars of WTF they have lying around that they occasionally go to and pour into your drinks. Oh man, if I stayed there I’d have two morning of¬†egregious hangovers. Wisely, I decided to keep tonight’s dinner down.

Speaking of that, before all the drinking, I ate for once. Tsukemen Ramen at a decent place to launch off my next journey. Menya Musashi was happen to be around the corner from our hotel. Not too shabby for mall Ramen. I don’t think I’ll be back but I have to say the place was you typical benchmark place for Japanese noodles. What made it different were the types of broth you can get, white (pork), black (cha siu), or red (spicy) and of course, the fact that they had Tuskemen Ramen. You happen to be around and decide the line at Daikokuya downstairs is too long, come here. It’ll hold you over.

Ku De Tah
1 Bayfront Avenue
Marina Bay Sands SkyPark
+65 6688 7688

Verdict: Was nice to visit once. Never more.

The Library
49 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089153

Verdict: Sure, I’ll come back. But it won’t be the first place on my mind.

Menya Musashi
#01-16, Raffles City Shopping Centre,
252 North Bridge Road

Verdict: Meh. I think I’ll wait in the longer lines at other places.

The Bar @KU DE TA

Music blazing, drinks going around, you must think this dance floor would be going off. Well, not around 10pm and not when there's an amazing view to take in. Maybe after some selfies with the citiscape and a few drinks, yeah, maybe you'll see me on that dance floor. Just kidding.

The View @KU DE TA

So yeah, not posting any more selfies on this site. One was more than enough. Instead, here's a shot from the bar. What I can't figure out was the flames in the far background. Is that Mordor?

Tsukemen White @Menya Musashi

The term "white" really refers to a miso based broth. I didn't want to try the black or red since this was my first Tsukemen. Dipping noodles is something I'm totally onboard with since I love ordering Black Bean Noodles to-go back home at San Tung. Yeah, I don't mix it and love dipping. Here, not too shabby, but the noodles could be better, and firmer. Now this has set me off on a journey to find some good Tsukemen! $14.90SGD

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Mini Don @Menya Musashi

In order to make sure we are full after this meal, I ordered a small rice bowl, a pork and egg rice bowl to be exact. Not bad, but the rice was simply jasmine rice. Not the staple Japanese grain. Did it's job though. I was ready to pass out after this meal. $8.90SGD

Ox Impressions: 

The Bar @The Library

Here's the decor or the bar. Very rustic and filled with patrons eager to wait for their drink. Okay, so it's more for this atmosphere. Quaint, dark, and rustic. That's worth double the price of a drink right? It's all about the experience.

Hypocritical Oath @The Library

This little drink in a medicine bottle was quite on the bitter tangy side. For the price, I'd say opt for another drink. Looks and tastes just like cough medicine. Oh man, this actually makes me miss the drinks back at the SF mixology bars. $24SGD

Ox Impressions: 

Some Drink @The Library

This drink tasted a little better. Wish they had this flare at the old tiki bars. But that's what you're getting with this drink, the flare. Go dry ice effect! (no dry ice was used) And go hang over in the morning! $28SGD

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