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Truffles! Not the chocolate variety, but the decadent richness of the fungal kind. Low and behold they were serving it in these little soup dumplings. I had to order them along with the usual regimen of dumplings. All I have to say was that it was a great idea. The stuff was a great addition to the usual line up of the pork dumplings along with the crab ones. But man am I going to miss this on the menu back home. For the place, it was Din Tai Fung. Sure, these places are everywhere and I happened to see two in two adjacent malls. The one we stopped by was in the basement of the Raffles City mall. I wanted my boss to try this out the day before but the line, er, queue was ridiculous during dinner. This was pretty late too, around 9ish. So right when it opened for lunch, we came right on in. Don’t worry, we ate like it was dinner time!

Din Tai Fung
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road #B1-08
Singapore 179103
+65 6336 6369

Verdict: Always solid for xiao long bao and other assorted dishes.

If that wasn’t enough, for dinner we met up with a local friend and went out to Red House Seafood for some chili crab. Not bad in terms of atmosphere. It’s an open restaurant along the river of Robertson Quay and well kept in terms of cleanliness. Well primed for me to order shellfish and make a mess out of the place. But no, as messy as chili crab is, I kept myself civilized. Chopsticks, fork, and even claw cracker. Yep. No dry cleaning bill after this meal. Because surprisingly, I wasn’t too thrilled with chili crab. Way to hype it up everyone! j/k It’s the sweetness in the sauce that gets me. Black pepper crab is my kind of deal. Still a good meal though. Most of my attention was focused on the cereal prawns. WTF was up with this crack. Yeah, it was a bit on the sweet side too, but the balance was just right. Must find recipe!

Red Seafood House
#01-14 The Quayside
60 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238 252
+65 6735 7666

That was basically it. Ate the hell out of Saturday. Hit the gym somewhere in between. Maybe done some shopping. All in all, the day was good.

Truffle Xiao Long Bao @Din Tai Fung

Apart from looking like your typical Din Tai Fung heavenly goodness, these little bad boys are stuffed with truffles so butterly-shroom-rich (that's now an official word), I stopped myself at three in fear of turning into a giant mushroom. Plus, unfortunately, I had to share. Next time I must have a batch all to myself, crying at the blatant selfishness,while tears of happiness stream down my stuffed cheeks. Mmmm, a little melodramatic? No! $19.80SGD

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Crunchy Cucumber in Spicy Sauce @Din Tai Fung

Something to reset our taste buds. Not as spicy as you think, but a pleasant palette cleanser as you demolish dumpling after dumpling. $4.10SGD

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Braised Sechuan Sliced Beef @Din Tai Fung

A must-have side dish for me and I was passing this along to my boss who's never been to a dumpling house. Wonder what he was thinking as I ordered a storm of dishes overflowing the table (other dumplings and dan dan mien not shown). As for the taste, dependable beefy goodness of chilled shank meat soaked in a light savory sauce. $6.80SGD

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Negi Dako @Marketplace of Raffles City

So I forgot the name of this place and I didn't mention the snack I had in the afternoon. But here you go, a little confession if you got to this point. Guilty as charged. It was a day of constant eating and who can blame me. My hotel was right above the Marketplace basement full of these hit and run restaurants, like the takoyaki place I ordered this from. Same octopus stuffed puffs but topped with chopped leeks with a cold tempura sauce. So you see, it was curiosity that got me. $4.00SGD

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Walk Bridge @Robertson Quay

Interesting choice of colors you got here Mr. Robertson given that most of the shops are of solid colors. I'm not complaining, only pointing out the obvious like I usually do in an annoying fashion. It's pink and yellow damnit!

Chili Crab @Red House Seafood

Roll up your sleeves and make sure you wash up before diving into this. I didn't get too dirty after having some of this misleadingly unspicy dish. C'mon it's got the word 'chili' in its freakin name. But the sauce was pretty good with rice. I think you're suppose to dip the fried bread into it too. But after one piece, I decided to go after what everyone wasn't going for, the brains. This was market price and the size was up to us yet somehow it was considered a medium.

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Chili Crab @Red House Seafood

Look at all the brain foie! I am going to need to get my cholesterol checked. Oh and my dinner party didn't realized they missed out. This crab had eggs. Score one for the selfish guy.

Chili Crab @Red House Seafood

Look at the size of that claw. My boss was in crustacean heaven.

Cereal Prawn @Red House Seafood

Here's the winner for tonight's dinner. These crunchy little things aren't much to look at, but order some. This dish was a new find for me and this place was the best of them all for this trip. Yeah, I had this more than once.

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