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Sunday was my day to relax at the spa. Oh yeah, I needed some pampering after Bangalore. It was an hour and half of drooling muscle relaxation at the hotel spa, Willow Stream Day Spa. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon. I actually wanted to do some wake boarding over in Bedok. The rain decided I shouldn’t and instead, get some bak kut teh. Oh rain, you’re so ingenious.

Song Fa
11 New Bridge Rd
Singapore 059383
+65 6533 6128

Verdict: Hell yeah I’ll be back. This is my first stop for bak kut teh.

This place is near the river. Lots of seats indoor pouring out into the sidewalk, but barely enough to keep up with the demand. I got their at off peak hours, 3pm. So securing a seat wasn’t a problem. Food comes out pretty fast and you can past the time by reading all the accolades on the wall. Yeah, gotta love this place and gotta love the endless soup. Bak kut teh is one of my favorite soups. It’s a pork bone broth soup you eat with a side of rice. It’s a Southeast Asian thing to have soup with rice. That is, mixing the two together as you eat. At one point it’s all rice with the pork rib, next it’s a scoop of soup and rice. Trust me, it works.

Later, when all the rain passed, it was off to the first hawker center of this trip, Makansutra. It’s an outdoor hawker center next to Esplanade, a performing arts center. You get a nice view of the Marina Bay Sands and in time for their 8:00pm light show. One problem, we’re on the other side of the show. The vantage point as well as the music was on the hotel site. We only saw the lights shining past us and heard the distance tremble of the music. The show would have been a nice addition to the slightly disappointed meal we had. I only say that because I’ve been spoiled by other hawker food centers. This one was more on the polished side, if there’s such a thing for hawker centers. Small number of stands, so no real competition. Maybe that’s the reason the food was lackluster. Or maybe it’s the rent keeping the hardcore hawkers away. In any case, it’s still crowded. The location was prime, next to all the waterfront restaurants.

8 Raffles Ave
Singapore 039802

Overall, Sunday was another eating day and a day my boss stood scratching his head wondering how the hell I eat. Yeah, I ordered a feast.


Evening time this place gets crowded. It's common sight to see people standing around waiting for a table. sometimes you'll have to make new friends to find a seat. And ordering can be a head scratcher as some hawkers have no receipt. Yet somehow they remember your order. Or more like, you're making sure you pick up your order right away.

Hokkien Mee @Makansutra

Not the best here, but it'll hold me over till I get back to the Old Airport hawker center. This was a little heavier and didn't have the right balance of savory tang you're looking for. In a pinch, it'll do $5.00SGD

Ox Impressions: 

BBQ Chicken Wings @Makansutra

I wasn't having too much luck here with hawker foods. This one fell short as well. Not in taste, but in crispness. Felt like these have been sitting on the fire for a little too long. I tell ya, having good hawker food can make you a snob. Sometimes I forget, this is street food. $1.40SGD/piece

Ox Impressions: 

Orh Lua @Makansutra

So this was the star of the meal, the Frankenstein of an oyster omelet. Good down to earth comfort food. Just look at that wonderful artery clogging mound of a dish. Add in some chili sauce and you're golden. $6.00SGD

Ox Impressions: 

Seafood Fried Rice @Makansutra

Fried rice with some dried sardines mixed in there to add the necessary saltiness. This was our base starches. A little over the top, but once you're eating in Singapore, you have to. $3.00SGD

Ox Impressions: 

Bah Kut Teh @Song Fa

Next to laksa, this was a must have dish fr me here in Singapore. Now, I've upped the bar in my taste for this dish. You can taste the garlic and touch of ginger in the broth. The pork ribs were done perfectly. The meat falls off the bone and seasoned lightly. I'd say definitely some salt and white pepper in that wonderful recipe. That's all it takes for me. $6.50SGD

Ox Impressions: 

Dining Area @Song Fa

Inside you can see the assembly line the wait staff has in serving and topping off soups and drinks. Pretty attentive and friendly staff. I'll definitely be back.

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