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I’ll admit, this post was difficult to write. Being a Monday was one thing, figuring out what I’ve done all day was another. We had breakfast and lunch at the office so no news on food there. There was dinner, but I really don’t want to give the place any coverage. It was a company dinner that I’d highly advise against if you were on vacation.

#01-03, Asian Civilisations Museum (Acm I)
1 IndoChine Empress Place
+65 6339 1720

Verdict: Never coming here again.

On most review sites, you’ll see this place as a four dollar sign $$$$ restaurant. And they would be correct, the place was expensive. And hearing that it was a fusion of Southeast Asian cuisine made it even harder to imagine the place was going to be good. And after our meal, it was confirmed. Don’t get me wrong, I know you pay for the atmosphere and stuff, but ouch on eating foods you know can be better at a fraction of a cost. For each of the dish you’ll catch yourself thinking, “I can get a nice Filet Mignon at that price.” And at the end of your meal, you probably have enough room in your stomach for a steak. In any case, the view was nice and service was okay. Would I come back here on my own dime, no. Sorry everyone, not a good post today.

Decor @Indochine

Very nice attention to detail around this restaurant. This little area sat on the side of the place. Only people coming from the museum would see this tranquil little scene. Others along the river bank won't get the luxury. Nicely done Indochine.

Laotian Larb Salmon @Indochine

Nice little dish with a pleasant kick with the chili. Tastes better as a starter dish for both the size and the lightness in flavor. However, I keep coming back to this when I want to reset my palette. $26.00SGD

Ox Impressions: 

Soft Shell Crab @Indochine

The description said, "lightly fried" soft shell crabs, but this tasted all fried, as in, no real taste except for the burnt oil. A big disappointment for a person who's used to the cherished soft shell crabs of the Chesapeake. The garlic and peppers were all I cared for. $35.00SGD

Ox Impressions: 

Thit Bo Luc Loc @Indochine

Not a bad rendition of a Vietnamese favorite. Tender cuts of beef cooked to perfection. The seasoning was well done, but for the price I was expecting something more unique. Maybe we paid for the hot iron plate it came on. I'd trade that for some watercress. $30.00SGD

Ox Impressions: 

Seafood Symphony @Indochine

Three levels of seafood delights. Probably my most memorable dish of the night. Can't go wrong with oysters, sashimi, and prawns. Maybe if I had this all to myself, I'd be in heaven. $88.00SGD

Ox Impressions: 

Bar Opiume @Indochine

Like any other high end restaurant, things aren't complete without a fancy bar full of neon lights. did I mention drinks in Singapore were expensive. This place was no exception.

Dirty Martini @Bar Opiume

It's about a shot of gin. Enough said. $18.00SGD

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