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The following night it felt as though we tried to make up for last night’s dinner. So off we go with co-workers to another place. I actually thought it was more of a shabu shabu joint. Not quite.

Ten 天, The Oyster and Crab Restauran
100 Tras Street #01-08
6543-6507 / 6543-6508

Verdict: Nope, won’t try again. So many better offerings around.

Another fancy place, but at least they delivered what we were expecting. The place was among a series of Japanese restaurants and right next to an Izakaya place. Something I should have also added to the options. But we chose Ten. Not too shaby in what we had to eat, but the service wasn’t on par. First, I wanted to try some uncommon fish which the waiter pointed out. I ordered the sashimi platter with some substitutions, but what we got was the standard. He played it off as though I didn’t make it ask to substitute. Wonderful huh? Next was the AC which was above two tables. It had condensation which they had to wipe down periodically. Problem was, it was above two tables, including ours. Fix it people! Or at least, don’t seat anyone there. So much for high end. Final straw was our nabe which took forever to cook. Guess why? The AC was blowing straight down on the fire. I asked if they can just take it to the kitchen to cook. They acknowledged something, but walked away. Basically 30 minutes later I decided to block the fire with my napkin. Yeah, not safe. But the wait staff didn’t say anything and wouldn’t you know, the thing finally came to a boil. Man, this was 0 and 2 for dining experiences with the co-workers. With that being said though, all complaining aside, the food wasn’t bad. Pretty good actually.

Mango Shrimp Tempura Maki @Ten

A surprising mix between sweet and savory for a roll. I'm not a roll guy, but I'll remember this stuff for its crunchy center wrapped in fresh creamy goodness. All in all, doesn't quite work for me.

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Hiroshima Oysters @Ten

I believe these were the Hiroshima oysters this place was known for. Vacuumed sealed and shipped to the place. All they had to do was dress it up in these oyster bowls. A part of me wanted it without all the dressing just to get more of what the oyster tastes like.

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Assorted Skewers @Ten

We had the chicken and scallop skewers. And you probably guessed which one was the crowd pleaser, the scallops.

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Grilled Cuttlefish @Ten

Another dish in the assortment of dishes coming out to our table. Each cut was firm, seasoned in a light ponzu, and the char makes it a great companion with beer.

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Matsu Sashimi Platter @Ten

Platter of assorted fish. You'll recognize the usual fish, but the one that made this special was the swordfish. Never had it and it was great. Yeah, high in mercury but it's not like you eat this every day. Good stuff. $38.80SGD

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Seafood Nabe @Ten

After this finally was cooked, it was pretty good. We had to order a roll when it was trying to cook, so at the end, we were a little too full to finish it. Should have saved room, especially for the crab. Don't worry we polished off the scallops and prawns easily. I'd still order this next time even though the wait was ridiculous.

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