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Early morning meetings are the worse. As necessary as they may be, they still suck, especially when you’re overseas. Jet lag wasn’t the issue here. The issue was that we’re in Singapore, freaking Singapore. A city thriving with business and we’re right in the middle of it dealing with issues back home. I have to say I always wanted to experience the expat life, but if it means waking up early to deal with your Western counterparts. I’ll have to pass. Singapore’s night life is just too rich. There was a silver lining to all this though and it started with an early lunch.

109 North Bridge Rd #01-17
Funan Digitalife Mall
Singapore 17909
9:00am – 8:30pm

Verdict: Yes, try it for the laksa and popiah.

We headed to this place around 10:30am. After hearing how the locals see this as the place for laksa, I soon knew why. It’s not like it’s the best laksa you’ll ever have. There are so many things you can do to improve it. Still you won’t. This was the kind of place you grew up with. The place you’d meet up with friends, have some food, and catch up on things. Perfectly balanced stuff that didn’t need anything to change. Surprisingly enough, my boss, who’s not a foodie and didn’t know about the place, thought it was the best stuff he’s had so far. This was the first time he’s been to Singapore. Kinda amazing from a place that looks like a fast food shop.

Soon after we finished. We were re-energized. We had a different view point on things. Our early morning meeting meant we got more than half our day done. There was still more to do, but within a few hours, finished, mid-afternoon. So what to do. Time to check out Sentosa.

Unfortunately, I did something pretty uncharacteristic. I went to book a tour to Sentosa that takes you all the way to the evening. I don’t recommend doing this, I never do. You’re always gonna get herded around and there’s no room for deviation. Oh well, I guess it’s good not to research things yourself and have some guide guess at what you’ll be interested in. Do note that all of these places you can get to yourself. So here’s where they took us (the times are the hours of operation, not our tour schedule):

Cable Car
9:00am – 10:00pm

Underwater World
80 Siloso Road, Sentosa
Singapore 098969
+65 6275 0030
10:00am – 7:00pm

Extreme Log Ride
4D AdventureLand
10:00am – 9:00pm

Images of Singapore
40 Imbiah Rd
Singapore 099700
+65 6736 8672
9:00am – 7:00pm

Verdict: No to the tour. Only thing worthwhile may be Underwater World.

There’s some laser concert at the end of the tour which we didn’t go. It was by the beach so we gave away our tickets and got some drinks instead. Yeah, I only recommend these things if you have family to take around. Otherwise, explore and get lost! Singapore is one safe place.

Wayang Kulit

The art of shadow puppets, wayang kulit. Something I wish wasn't just a display in this museum. Not sure where I can see an actual show. Not that I'd understand but it would be cool seeing how they transition scenes and act out more than two parts.

View from the Cable Cars

From above you can see all the luxury homes below. All these people have to deal with are the occasional cruise ships that come through.

Japanese Spider Crab @Underwater World

Not an Alaskan Crab. It's even bigger in my opinion, if we're to compare it to the ones you have for dinner. This one won't even fit on a plate.

Tunnel @Underwater World

Great view of all the marine life in this collection. Great to see them swimming around overhead.

Sharks @Underwater World

Sharks, many of them, swim through out one part of the underwater tunnel. There were other fish in there making me wonder if there was a separation with the other more delicate fish.

Laksa @Qiji

What's wrong with a little morning laksa? Absolutely nothing. It was close noon anyways if an hour and a half was close. Let's not get distracted though. This stuff was still spectacular. Enough heat to give you a sweat and a rich broth that'll make you wish they were open 24 hours. Man this place does it right. Only wish they served it with prawns rather than plain shrimp. $4.60SGD

That roll in the background was a popiah. You can get it plain or with shrimp. Definitely recommend the latter. $2.50SGD

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