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It was our last full day in Singapore. Also, last day of the work week. So what to do? Finish our work, eat, say our goodbyes, and get prepared for that long flight home. So onto eating. For lunch we kept it close. A small restaurant in our building. An Indonesian one to be exact. Our co-worker wanted to make sure we didn’t leave without a trying it. Not a bad place. Caters to the people working in the office and around the area. I don’t think they’re open on the weekends or even late at night.

Warung Lele Restaurant
8 Shenton Way
Singapore 068811
+65 6423 1552

Verdict: Not opposed to eating here again. If I’m in the office again and it’s raining, sure, I’m game.

For dinner we decided for some local hot pot. The Japanese attempt on Tuesday left me unsatisfied. So it was off to a new local chain, Jpot. Okay, not quite a chain since there’s only two of them. But they’re part of the Jumbo Seafood conglomerate that’s going to make these sprout up everywhere. The place was pretty big. It wraps around the outside of the mall leading you to a nice view of the water. Not complete waterfront. Enough for you to relax once you ignore all the cars on the over pass. Servings were individual so don’t expect family style hot pot. And the ordering system was pretty neat. Local touch pads sends your orders to the back. No need to flag down any waiters/waitresses. The bad part was that you get only two hours. Yeah, a little too short.

1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
+65 6273 3536

Verdict: Not bad. Quality could be better, but love the broth variety.

On a side note, the Singapore Lounge at the Changi airport is phenomenal. They have self-serve laksa there. Zomg!

Bucket of Asahi @Jpot

Before you squint too hard, let me clear up the picture. Those are mini cans. Eight in a bucket. Clever. They had me at eight cans of beer. Too bad I only had two hours to tear through these buckets. $20.00SGD

Bak Kut Teh Hot Pot @Jpot

My favorite soup here in Singapore turned into a hot pot base. Brings back good memories even when I had the stuff just days ago. However, I suggest you stick to the classics.

Ox Impressions: 

Jumbo Seafood Platter @Jpot

Here's the highlight of our dinner set, a seafood mix of geoduck clam, prawns, squid, and assorted dumplings. Not too shabby. But being the top dinner set, you can do without the dumplings. Just more fresh seafood would do. $198.00SGD/Set for 4 People

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Kurobuta Pork and Laksa Noodle @Jpot

Portions run small here and after getting one dish of pork, I knew we should have ordered a la cart. Oh well, things we learn. The pork was good and as you can see, not the color you're expecting. It was more on the beef side in terms of texture and appearance. But the flavor was definitely pork. We should have ordered this all night.

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Assorted Veggies @Jpot

Here's your staple set of hop pot veggies. A little disappointing we don't get any local veggies, but what do you expect in a set menu.

Ordering System @Jpot

Pretty neat idea we've all thought about. This place executed with what looks like tablet devices. Basically order what you want at your table and the food gets brought out. Service was pretty responsive.

Satay Ayam @Warung Lele

You can't pass up skewers for an appetizer in an Indonesian restaurant. They won't disappoint here. Love the cucumbers to help reset your taste buds. $9.00SGD

Ox Impressions: 

Sapi Lapis Surabaya @Warung Lele

I'd describe this as sort of a beef curry dish, that's more on the long braised beef sorts. Man, that's wordy. And you'll probably do the same trying to describe this stuff. But I'd say order it and find out yourself. $10.00SGD

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Udang Bi'jian @Warung Lele

And once again cereal prawns. Not quite as good as the ones we had at the seafood house. I'd say pass on this here. $16.00SGD

Ox Impressions: 

Karedok @Warung Lele

This cabbage salad would be nothing without the light peanut sauce that accompanies it. And the little chili's gives it a little kick. Don't worry, it's not on the spicy spicy side. If I had to rate it on spicy it's a one out of three on a spicy scale. $8.50SGD

Ox Impressions: 

Emping @Warung Lele

For an appetizer, these things were pretty good. Can't believe this was created from grounded nuts. With the shrimp paste chili sauce, I could sit here all day and eat this. With of course, beer. $1.00SGD

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