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Sobatei Rakuichi

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Before leaving Niseko, there was one place I wanted to try out and eventually write about. And yeah, this place was a No Reservations kind of place. That didn’t matter though, I’ve read so much about the place that it warranted a visit. And as fate would have it, it was up the street, right next to Karabina, the place we went to the other night.

Rakuichi sat in the back of a set of three cabins. Not that they were actually cabin cabins. They were all restaurants. Who knew one of these restaurants housed such traditional excellence in creating soba. Yeah, buckwheat noodles. That very stuff that’s abundant in Japanese restaurants. However, you haven’t had soba the way it’s done here. It’s not the fact that the chef meticulously rolls out, cuts, and cooks each batch for you at the time of the order. No, he found a perfect mix. So perfect that he doesn’t mind showing you how it’s prepared, because I believe, the secret was in, you guessed it, the ingredients itself. Once cooked, it’s thin, yet somehow firm. It’s not the staple soba you may have had. No, this was what you didn’t know you were missing out on. Oh chef Tsutsuru Rai, you have officially ruined soba for me back in the states.

431 Niseko Nisekotyo
Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun Hokkaido 048-1511, Japan
+81 136-58-3170

Verdict: Yes, if you love soba. Get yourself here.

Oh and we went for an early lunch around 11am and they luckily had two seats available. Seems everyone else had the same idea of going early. They don’t take lunch reservations, but the menu was limited to soba and tempura.


Here's the sign that'll let you know you've found the place. Kinda easy to miss huh? There's no large neon sign with arrows pointing to it. I'd assume the long walkway would be filled with people during dinner time.

The Ultimate Soba Chef @Rakuichi

Here's the master at work. Zoom in and you'll notice, not a hint of a grimace. This guy loves his work and it comes out in the meals. Everything was very intricate to prepare. And if you glance in the kitchen, you'll notice the same precision.

Menu @Rakuichi

As I mentioned, the lunch menu was limited. This looks like a lot, but it's the same panel repeated for about twelve seats. All of which are hand written.

Soba @Rakuichi

Here's the main course. Plain looking noodles to the untrained eye. Look closely, and you'll realize the complex structure that makes up these noodles. All of which are hand cut and delectable. ¥1500JPY

Ox Impressions: 

Duck Soup @Rakuichi

Here's what you dip your noodles in. A rich duck soup, that once you finish your noodles, you add some water, and drink this as the soup it was made to be. Don't let the oil scare you off, that's the good stuff.

Ox Impressions: 

Vegetable Tempura @Rakuichi

Airy and crispy, those are the only words to describe this. It came out before the soba and made to not weigh you down. Don't worry, it's all enough food to fill you up. ¥700JPY

Ox Impressions: 

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  • Nov 20 2014, 2:29 AM Reply

    I have been thinking about whether we should make the effort to visit for lunch.. by all accounting we should! I suppose we’d try to get a reservation going for dinner – wish us luck!

    thanks for the lovely pictures!

    Ling Tan

  • Nov 24 2014, 1:15 PM Reply

    Glad the pictures helped. Let us know what you think if you got a chance to try it. And great site!

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