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Sunday night and places were busy. At least two of the places I moseyed on over to had horrible wait times. I can’t wait an hour and a half to eat. I hunger. Thankfully, by the third attempt we found a place with open seating. Andina. A lovely Peruvian restaurant that had two floors of dining. Two floors!

The place was very cozy. Tables and booths lined the restaurant in all sections of the place. They used the space up to the point right before getting too tight. Unfortunately, we were seated in the farthest corner next to the window. We had to flag the wait staff a couple times. A little annoying. Though, I did like not getting interrupted so I could concentrate on the food. It’s a tapas place, yet you can get larger portions to have them as a meal. We did that for the most part, ordering yummy plates. And I suppose we did the opposite with an entree, ordering it whole and splitting it. Not a shabby way to do things. Overall, pretty good stuff and as a fallback place, it was a wonderful surprise.

1314 NW Glisan Street
Portland, OR 97209
Pearl District
+1 (503) 228-9535

Verdict: I’ll eat here again. Neighboring table had some interesting dishes.

Jamon Serrano @Andina

I'm a fan of serrano ham and even more so for iberico. However, the flavors here weren't very complex. I don't want to say it just tasted like plain old ham, because it didn't. It was better than that, just not as rich as other serrano ham I've had. Maybe I'm spoiled. $12USD (small)

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Conchas a la Parmesana @Andina

Bay scallops smothered in lime butter and cheese. What more can you ask for. Sure, it may be small. The scallops themselves were tiny. Yet, you'll find yourself taking small bites of it while you have your beer. $12USD (small)

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Yuca Rellena @Andina

These yuca croquettes stuffed with mozzarella came up a little dry for me. Even smothering them in the huancaina sauce didn't improve things. A bit bland tasting. I'll have to pass on these next time. $12USD (small)

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Seco a la Nortena @Andina

And here's the entree we split. Oh it was so good. The meat was so tender and fell off the bone so easily. You can taste how long the lamb had been cooking. Every bite gave me this rich savory goodness that paired real well with the garlic rice. Yeah, I was going into food coma at this point. Glad I didn't eat the whole thing. $25USD

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Picadillo Acebichado @Andina

Oh I love filet mignon and in tartare form it was fantastic. The texture was firm and the egg yolk adds a smoothness that helped tame the sharpness of the capers. Definitely something to order. And the veggies on the side, like the sweet potato, help wash your palette between bites. $12USD (small)

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Sacsayhuaman @Adina

A habenero cocktail? Yeah. And it works. The heat level was more of an after taste and not the kind that sticks to your tongue. Not too sweet either. For a cocktail, it's quite unique and something I'd actually order next time I'm here. Well played Andina! $12USD

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