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This place was right around the corner from Puppet Labs, a place we were suppose to be later. More about that toward the end. You’re here for this sushi place that I looked up. Not too hard to find when you’re walking around the area. It’s on the corner and had outside seating. Best of all, there weren’t any lines. Okay, so it was Monday. Still, I’d say it was crowded for a Monday.

Inside we sat at the sushi bar. Mainly to get a glimpse off their fish selection. And off the bat, I saw some interesting fish. Like the super white tuna and the Japanese mackerel which was imported in. Not knowing what the main course would be like, your sushi/sashimi combo and my chirashi don, we decided to try out some of the unique looking fish. The sushi chef was very attentive and gave us some good portions. The entrees also came with miso soup, which was average, and a salad, which was also average. Probably should have skipped it and saved room for my main course. You can read about the details below. But overall, I felt like I ate way too much. And it’s not the “oh I shouldn’t have eaten that extra helping. I feel guilty” too¬† much. It was the, “This is so good, I’m going to try to finish it and not waste it” too much. By the time I finished, all I wanted to do was go back to the hotel.

Next time Puppet Labs. Heard the party was a stellar success.

Overall, a well run place. From the staff and the roominess of the restaurant, everything fit in nicely for dinner. The sushi area was right at the entrance. To the left, the place opened to the main dining area. That night wasn’t too noisy and I’d imagine most of it were the orders flying around and our many questions to the chef. I should start taking more pictures of the shops going forward.

Yama Sushi & Sake Bar
926 NW 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
Pearl District
+1 (503) 841-5463

Verdict: Definitely recommend this place and if they have it, try the live uni!

Escolar @Yama Sushi

This super white tuna grade sashimi looked amazing. I do regret not taking the offer to try one. Unfortunately, I had my own sashimi appetizer to power through. Don't worry, I trust the rating here. $4.95USD

Ox Impressions: 

Sushi and Sashimi Combo @Yama Sushi

I didn't order this but it sure looked beautiful. For everything you get, fifteen pieces worth, I liked how everything wasn't a double/triple cut of fish. You get to sample more with this. And from asking my friend, it hit the spot. Maybe next time I'll try this out. $26.95

Ox Impressions: 

Sashimi Starters @Yama Sushi

I started with some ala carte sashimi, yellow tail toro and Japanese mackerel. Pretty good stuff. The yellow tail toro almost melted in my mouth. Not like real toro. This was a little more firmer. And as for the Japanese mackerel. Not to pungent on the after taste. Clean and tender. After having these wonderful samples, I was looking forward to the main course. $6.50USD (for the yellow tail, market price for the mackerel)

Ox Impressions: 

Chirashi Bowl @Yama Sushi

Quality and variety, that's what I'm talking about when it comes to chirashi don. The fish and seafood were so good that it made the tamago (egg) and crab garnishes. Yeah, I didn't even get to finish those. Barely able to finish all the proteins. From the uni to the fish and even to the squid, I was eating in delight. Looking back at this picture, I count at least 12 types of seafood in this bowl. And each one was fresh and well prepared. Hats off to the chef. $22.50USD

Ox Impressions: 

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