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This place was calling my name. Literally. Get it? Okay, fine. I’m horrible at humor. I’m an eater not a comedian. And hopefully, my obsessive eating will help you out. Especially for this restaurant, Ox, which happened to be close to my hotel. I’ve been reading about ever since I landed. I would have tried it earlier, but Sunday had a wait list that had me rethink my plans. So here I was on a Wednesday when it first opened at five. Fork and spoon in hand.

Even though this place was known for their steaks, I mean it’s an Argentine restaurant after all, I decided on smaller dishes. Kinda had a tapas feel to the menu. And don’t worry. Those dishes filled me up. I went really heavy for dinner. All my pounds in Portland were probably from this one meal. And if I had the chance, I’d do it again. Maybe add some skirt steak.

Anyways, being one of the first patrons, the staff were attentive and they didn’t bat an eye when I snapped away at each dish. Each one came out at a good pace as I sampled and was ready for a different taste. Definitely got an intimate vibe here. Destiny allowing it, next time I’ll bring my soul moo with me.

2225 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland, OR 97212
Northeast Portland
+1 (503) 284-3366

Verdict: I highly recommend you try this place, if only for the clam chowder.

Bread @Ox

As part of the meal, I got some artisanal bread, baked form a shop down the street. I missed the name. But I really liked the condiments, especially the cauliflower and mushroom soup you see on the left. Very smooth for dipping your bread. The chimichurri offered you that zest and that kick. And then there's the butter topped with sea salt for your classic taste buds. Gotta love the attention to the side dishes. If of course, that's what these were. Moo.

Ox Impressions: 

Sweetbreads @Ox

My first taste of sweetbreads. They weren't quite on the menu as an individual dish. My waiter let me order it as a side. It was lightly grilled, to give it a char taste, and served with a generous helping of chives and green onions. It was lighter than I expected. Why I chose this place for my first helping? Who knows. Though, I will order this again. $15USD

Ox Impressions: 

Fresh Clam Chowder @Ox

This was not New England or Manhattan or any sort of classical rendition, it was Ox's version of clam chowder and it was amazing. Yes, put a nicely prepared cut of bone marrow in with the plump little clams filled with bits of potatoes and herbs and you got yourself a spectacular dish. And that's on top of the wonderful creamy soup. As rich as everything was, it all worked together. You have to try this. You'll scoop out some marrow, try it with the clams, and wash it down with the spoonfuls of goodness. I will be dreaming of you my lovely dish. $13USD

Ox Impressions: 

Sauteed Mushrooms @Ox

There were about three types of mushrooms in here. And if you look closely, you'll see pieces of foie gras. Yes, they had me at foie. However, it was on the salty side. I was going to my bread and water after each bite. Don't worry, I finished all the foie. This would have been better if I had ordered a more complimentary dish with it. Still I say order it. $13USD (small)

Ox Impressions: 

House Morcilla @Ox

This blood sausage was a good balance of earthy flavors that weren't overwhelming. The cakey texture with the chewy casing actually worked in my book. Most blood sausage I've had in the past were very tough and the taste of iron was too predominant. If it weren't for the reviews, I would have passed. Glad I listened. $9USD

Ox Impressions: 

Dining Area Inside Ox

I can believe this place could have a wait of over an hour on the weekend. It wasn't too large and had more tables for small groups. If you're looking to reserve a table, you'll need six or more. What's also a nice bonus was open grill in the back. You'll get to work up an appetite watching them cook steaks.

The Ox Restaurant

There's a bar in the back of the restaurant. It doesn't have a full menu and serves snacks/appetizers. However, it would be a good place to sit around and wait. Luckily, I only had one drink.

The OxPosted July 23, 2014 By the hungry ox

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