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We had some time before my presentation at UMCP, so we did some sightseeing. First we went to the National Cathedral and then… nothing else. On the way down to the White House, we saw Shake Shack. Actually, scratch that, I saw Shake Shack and some how convinced everyone to stop for an early lunch. Eventually, the food coma would kick in and us as tourists ended.

Everyone had Shake Shack before, but I’ve only known this one. Never the one up in New York. But if this was close to the real deal, it’s got me sold on its burger. The place itself was a bit difficult to get to. Even when I spotted it, we had to round the block given the one way streets. It was also on a sharp corner, making maneuvering tricky with all the double parked cars. Lucky for us, we found parking in front of the place. Sweet! Even sweeter, was the fact that we were early. No lines! The place was very clean and the view into the kitchen was well lit by the big windows. Not sure why I stare at the menu, I’ve only ordered one thing. Given that this was a craving run, I didn’t want to stray from my usual. We ordered and I did my best to convince everyone that a Shack Stack with a malted milk shake was the best way to go. Even though I tried nothing else. After they tried my shake and saw my burger, they knew I was right. Flash forward to the next day, they went back (without me) and got what I had. Nirvana!

Trust the ox.

Shake Shack
1216 18th St NW
Washington, DC 20036
+1 (202) 683-9922

Verdict: I’ll always stop by given the chance, but maybe not if there’s a line.

The Menu @Shake Shack

With such a colorful menu, I'm not sure why I haven't tried anything else. They have hot dogs?! And I want to try this Concrete stuff. It is of course named Shake Shack. Should be all about the wonderful sweets right?

The Shack Stack @Shake Shack

Here's my favorite ten dollar burger. A well balanced burger to start, fresh buns surrounding a well seasoned patty topped with cheese. And to take it over the top, is the deep fried Portobello mushroom encasing even more melted cheese. Oh sensory overload. Quite filling given it's size. $9.15USD

Ox Impressions: 

Ordering @Shake Shack

In order to deal with the massive lines during lunch, this place has their system down. If you're just looking for a milk shake, don't worry, they've got you. Everyone else orders, picks up a pager, and watches the magic in the kitchen or finds themselves a table.

Your Pager @Shake Shack

Okay, message noted. Now who do I taze to get my meal?

The OxPosted September 17, 2014 By the hungry ox

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