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May’s Crab House

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No visit to Maryland is complete with out some Maryland blue crabs. Correction, a lot of blue crabs, steamed and smothered in Old Bay seasoning. And I don’t mean like a dozen. They talk bushels here in Maryland and in this particular case, it was all you can eat, which can mean multiple bushels depending on your group. There are several all you can eat crab places around the D.C. area, so make sure you read up on them. Some aren’t locally sourced. May’s happens to be.

The restaurant was located in the suburbs of Montgomery County on a back road parallel to the 270 Highway. It kinda looks like a Colonial house converted to a restaurant, then fitted with an outdoor patio for summer fun. Would have loved to see the Friday night crowd, but it was pretty chilly. Not too many people willing to freeze their asses off no matter how much beer you get them. We chose to dine inside.

You’ll see from the pictures that you should just focus on the crabs here. My eyes were larger than my stomach and I got too much other stuff. I would have been fine spending hours there with beer and crabs catching up with my friends. Instead, I was full by an hour and fighting off food coma. If the chairs had been more comfortable, I would have dozed off. Oh the dreams of I’d have. Over two dozen crustaceans would be waiting for me. Fortunately, or unfortunately on how you look at things, they’d all be the smaller to medium ones. Because that’s the size you get in the all you can eat menu. The large ones were kept to the ones that don’t gorge, like I tend to gorge.

May’s Restaurant
5640 Urbana Pike
Frederick, MD 21704
+1 (301) 662-4233

Verdict: Not bad. Stick to the crabs and you’re good. I’ll come back if I’m staying close by.

The Kitchen @May's

Where your endless supply of crab goodness comes from. Decorated by the decades of memorabilia from the past. I sure hope the can of oysters are display models only.

Tables @May's

Yep, straight up tables and chairs that can withstand barrage of shells and crab meat that would normally be a nightmare for fancy upholstered chairs. As for linen table setting? Forget that. You'll get a large spread of brown paper and you'll be thankful for it. That's all you'll need to dive into the foray.

Seafood Extras @May's

When you order the all-you-can-eat specials, the side orders included are endless, except for the beer, of which is almost mandatory when having Maryland blue crabs. Trust me. But these sides, you can pass on. Mostly batter and little protein. And as you can noticed about the shrimp, pretty small. Save yourself some trouble and focus on the main course.

Ox Impressions: 

All You Can Eat #3 @May's

Can you imagine eating all this and then asking for more? Well, that's what you do here. With this order, the main attraction are the crabs, Alaskan crab legs, mussels, and steamed clams. Yeah, over the top, but I only get this fix when I'm in Maryland. In hindsight though, I should have stuck with the Maryland blue crabs. The other stuff we can get anywhere. All a solid delivery and at the market price of $55.00USD

Ox Impressions: 

Crab Mallets @May's

Sure you can use those metal crab cracker. But where's the fun in that? A mallet is all the rage when you want to make a mess of a already messy table. And they're cheap, wooden, and very disposable in case you need to discard the evidence.

The Large Size Crabs @May's

Now that's a big crab, almost as large as a Dungeness. Just look at those claws. Fully extended, it would be longer then her hand. And taste wise, oh I love the sweetness of the blue crabs with a touch of that old bay seasoning. And here, my friend ordered these off the normal menu which isn't part of the all you can eat. She got half a dozen large male crabs which was at the market price of $45.00USD.

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