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I met up with my friends in the evening. They had spent most of their day with a local tour guide from Hanoi Kids, a clever culture exchange group. They send students along with tourists free of charge to show them the culture and sights of Hanoi. In exchange, the students get to practice their English. Most of them are college students and the brief time I spent with the guide, the more I noticed that with the other groups we ran into. Every so often our guide would run into a colleague and their group. We’d all do our greetings and continue along. They were in fact all students. Neat. I’d book their food tour next time. I’d figure college kids would know where all the good cheap eats would be. Oh, and if you’re in another Vietnamese city, there’s most likely a similar group.

After our guide took us through the French Quarter, she brought us to a small street Ho Hoan Kiem. Obviously named after the lake, but it had a street vendor that took up both sides of the street. We sat like any other street patron on those little plastic chairs hunched around those flimsy folding tables. Street dining at it’s best.

I figure our guide had specifically picked out this vendor given the relative cleanliness of the area.

Street Vendor
Ho Hoan Kiem Street

Verdict: Thumbs up for me. The papaya salad was very fresh.

Street Eating

It doesn't mean you're literally eating on the street. Though with all the scooters parked around you, you might as well be. However, this particular place has a store front. So I wouldn't call this a street vendor. It's just people rather eat outside. If you find yourself on the sidewalk, make sure you're away from the scooters. Once someone leaves, they leave you with a dose of exhaust. Not good with anything you eat.

More Street Eating

Here's a group sitting right next to the road. Gotta love those plastic stools. They are every where here in the Old Quarter. Though I usually see them in red. Seeing blue was quite a change.

Goi Du Du Bo Kho @Ho Hoan Kiem Street

Here's a wonderful street side snack you can find around every corner, papaya salad with beef jerky. Very traditional dish. We had a little trouble mixing it up given the little utensils we had. Underneath that beauty was a healthy dose of nuoc mam. And if that's not enough, you simply dip it in your own bowl of nuoc mam, garnished with peanuts. 30,000VND

Ox Impressions: 

Banh Bot Loc @Ho Hoan Kiem Street

I should mention that this is one of my favorite Vietnamese foods. They're usually wrapped in banana leaves, but hey, I gave these a whirl. Not bad. The chewy skin did a fine job delivering the savory contents of ground pork and mushrooms with a kick of shrimp. Could use some more flavor but for the price, I'll drench it in nuoc mam. 40,000VND

Ox Impressions: 

Goi Cuon @Ho Hoan Kiem Street

We didn't get to try these rolls. They didn't look too bad. I do wonder how they keep the rice skins from drying out. Maybe on the next trip I'll give them a shot.

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