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Nha Hang Hong Hanh 3

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This place must be good to have three restaurants named after it, right? Well, I couldn’t disprove that theory. It was pretty darn good. Exactly what I was looking on a desolate cold night. Everything looked closed, that was, if it were open, it had nobody in it. This was the case for Hong Hanh 3 which our hotel recommended.

We were pretty skeptical walking in. They had about five restaurant staff sitting around talking among themselves. Not a good sign. But once they realized we weren’t lost or wanting to use the rest room, they were attentive, our waiter particularly. He catered a meal for us with questions all restaurants should ask. “What kind of meal are you looking for? A meal with rice, a light one so you can drink and eat, or a feast with all the seafood.” I was impressed, even with myself for understanding him. He was really cool and even spoke in English when he knew he went beyond my Vietnamese vocabulary. Now that’s service.

Our meal was great and I should have had more pictures for you, but some of the pictures didn’t turn out so well. Our total bill came out to 460,000VND between the two of us. And trust me, we were stuffed. The taxi ride back to our hotel should have drove us right into our bed.

Nha Hang Hong Hanh
Duong Ha Long
Halong Bay, Vietnam
+84 0333.812345

Verdict: You can’t go wrong with this place. I’m guessing their selection will be larger on busy nights.

The Menu @Hong Hanh 3

Maybe it was to show how fresh the seafood was or maybe it was to save paper, but this here was how you ordered. You come up and point and choose. The waiter had the daily pricing sheet with him, and of course I forgot to take down the numbers. Still it will depend on how much you want. There were a few things I didn't recognize and I only ventured for the large snails. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have the slimy mud creeper snails. Oh wells.

Oc Nhoi @Hong Hanh 3

Finally I was able to get a hold of oc, or escargot for the fancy or for the masses, snails. And look at the size of these. Whoa I thought they made things big in Texas. Not when it comes to these mollusks. Steamed with lemongrass and bay leaves, these could be eaten plain or with your favorite dipping sauce. Mine was lemon with salt and pepper. If you're in Ha Long Bay, seafood can't get any closer. 90,000VND

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Hanoi Beer @Hong Hanh 3

You can't have snails without beer. And what's more appropriate for this trip than Hanoi Beer. A light lager that's far from tasting like Heineken. I say that as a good thing even though this wasn't a good beer. I'll take this over Heineken any day, especially at this price. The thing you'll also note when you have beer in Vietnam is that they serve it with ice. You're suppose to put it in the beer to keep it cold. Feel free to but the bottles into the ice and drink it without being even more watered down. 15,000VND

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Ca Kho To @Hong Hanh 3

One of my favorite dishes in Vietnamese cuisine is caramelized fish in a clay pot. Here, it's not quite cooked in a clay pot. It was felt like they had pre-cooked the meal and put it into the clay pot after. The flavors were more on the salty side and the fish wasn't firm and broke down like... clay. I say pass on this dish. 130,000VND

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Ngao Hap @Hong Hanh 3

You can't go wrong with something as simple as steamed clams, garnished with a generous amount of basil. Yum! And if you don't know, clams in Asia tend to have more meat than the States. As small as these suckers look, they pack a good amount of meat and flavor. And I should add, pretty darn fresh! 60,000VND

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