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Vicky was pretty set on trying out this place. She found it on a food blog from a Taiwanese person that relocated to the area. The author gave it a thumbs up, so why not. Can’t go wrong trying all the chicken rice dishes of the world. I was curious to see how this compared to that of Singapore and Hong Kong’s version.

The place was located at a busy intersection. Three levels overlooked the traffic below and offered indoor and outdoor balcony seating. There weren’t too many people, only two other groups, both of which were foreigners. Having at least one group of locals would have made me more confident of the place. Though, looking at how it was missing the small plastic chairs, I think the locals would rather steer clear of this place. And when I saw the higher prices, I knew exactly why there weren’t locals here. Why pay double what you normally pay for. Well, for me, it would be for the cleanliness and not have a blast of exhaust after every bite. Call me crazy, but that’s how I’d rather eat.

Long story short, stick with the com ga, chicken rice.

1 Cua Dong St, Hoan Kiem
Hanoi, Vietnam
+84 0904.183185

Verdict: Check this place out. And if you need a change from the Old Quarters, get out to this place for a good meal.

The Storefront @Com Ga

Pretty easy to spot the place. And as you can see, not too busy during lunch time. What gives?

Sin To Drinks @Com Ga

You can't start a meal without taking photos of it first. It's our duty to you readers. Here's mango and lychee yogurt drinks. A refreshing addition to the meal. 35,000VND

Ox Impressions: 

Com Ga Hoi An @Com Ga

Very fresh cuts of chicken on top of that wonderful chicken rice. This was very different from the other types of chicken rice I've had. The papaya, cilantro, and dash of lime brought out the freshness of the chicken. You'd wonder if the soy sauce was really needed. This was one of the many memorable dishes of Hanoi.


Ox Impressions: 

Ga Sot Nam Tuoi @Com Ga

This braised of chicken and mushrooms was a meant more for family style in my opinion. The rice was served separately and the taste needed a balance, like a side salad or something. It wasn't bad or anything. Just a little too much on the savory side. Made me wish I had ordered the chicken rice as well. 115,000VND

Ox Impressions: 

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