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Xoi Yen

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Funny thing how we passed by this place everyday in Hanoi, saw the massive amounts of people there, and continued by without a second glance. Well, fortunately, Vicky happened to notice. And on a separate occasion, read about it online. Amazing that all these places were close to our hotel. This one was two blocks up. Once again, lucky us!

As sort of a spoiler, I ate here twice. Photogs may notice a difference in color in the photos.

The place can get crowded. We went off peak hours and the only traffic was in front where people ordered take out… from one lady. She sat there and put together all the orders. Very efficient and very quick. I wonder if that was the job or one to haze new employees. It looked like one busy job.

We proceeded upstairs and ordered a couple bowls. The food came up quick. Everything was cooked already so all that’s needed was to assemble the bowls. Can’t say this place prides itself on fresh cooked to order meals. Still, great stuff. This would probably be our best meal of the trip. Yeah, I know. Simple. Hearty. Solid on flavors. And sure, I probably need to spend more time in Hanoi to find the best eats. I’m only saying, for this trip, this trip alone. My most memorable meal was here.

Xoi Yen
35b Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem
Hanoi, Vietnam
+84 04 39341950

Verdict: I recommend trying this place and do know your xoi.

Tables @Xoi Yen

The infamous short tables and red plastic stools. Instead of being outside on the streets, they are in here. Three levels of the oddly inviting furniture.

Xoi Ngo with Chicken @Xoi Yen

Cuts of tender chicken, fried shallots, and sheets of yellow bean cake top this bowl of corn sticky rice. Yeah, you can't see it, but this xoi was made with corn. Sounded good. But the thing was, the corn that's used barely had any flavor. Or maybe it was masked under all the other things. It did, however, provide additional texture to the meal. Good eating. 40,000VND

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Cucumbers @Xoi Yen

Each party was given a bowl of this stuff. Lightly seasoned cucumbers that help you refresh your taste buds as you eat your hearty bowl of xoi. You can always ask for more. We hardly touched ours since we were so preoccupied with our own bowls of yum.

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Xoi with Chicken and Pork @Xoi Yen

Just plain sticky rice here. That's all I really needed for this most memorable bowl of xoi topped with chicken and braised pork. No yellow bean cake in this one. Rice and meats. Oh so wonderful if you can imagine the tender pork and all its fattiness melting in your mouth. This is food porn I want to replay over and over again. 60,000VND

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