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I had another long layover in Taiwan. This time it wasn’t overnight, it was from 5pm to 11:30pm. Yeah, you guessed it. I went into Taipei for dinner. Don’t worry, there was plenty of time even though I hit traffic. For those of you who don’t want to do the airport’s free tour of Taipei, I recommend making your own personalized layover. Here’s all you need to do to pull it off…

P1160853After leaving immigration, we looked for the ‘Bus to city’ sign. It’s in the same place as the ones to the High Speed Rail. We decided not to take the rail because we’d have to travel by MRT to get to SOGO. The bus would take us there.


We chose the Evergreen Bus. There were several stops before getting to my destination, but all in all in would take about 45 minutes, barring any traffic. Round-trip tickets cost NT$230.


Once we got our tickets it was off to the bus stop. There’s other buses there so make sure you get on the right one. Ours was pretty easy. Green and white, same colors as Eva Airlines and wouldn’t you know it, their parent company.


The seats weren’t the most comfortable. But after trekking around Vietnam, these didn’t feel so bad. I actually got in a quick nap.


The drop off was right in front of SOGO as well as the pick up. You can check the schedule for all the buses that go this route. Be sure to check when the last bus leaves for the airport. Vital information to know.

After shopping around for gifts, it was time to eat!

Enter Seven Sushi. This was the second time I came to this restaurant and it’s fast becoming my favorite sushi place in Taiwan. You have to make reservations here and it’s strictly omakase. There are various price ranges, $1200NTD, $1500NTD, $2000NTD, and $2500NTD. We chose $2500NTD and boy did we get a meal. The servers were really attentive. There were about four servers in this little shop which looked as though it could hold about fifteen people tops. Yeah, it’s pretty small. There are a couple of tables, but we sat at the bar. The chef explained every dish to us and I tried to jot everything down. There were, however, some local fish that didn’t have a direct English translation.

The two chefs were very personable as our courses came out. It was a steady stream of tastes that grew in portion size. Plan for at least an hour and a half eating here. We were glad to have some time in between the courses, as you’ll see from all the pictures below.

Tonight’s meal involved seafood from Hokkaido. Most Japanese restaurants seem to be showcasing this region. Great idea. And at Seven Sushi, they had a good variety of fish to try. I loved it. And even though I didn’t get all the names of the fish, I’m pretty sure the courses will change. The chef keeps his menu fluid, changing it constantly. As long as this quality continues, I’m game. Till next my next visit!

Seven Sushi (七道.鮨.新食.料理 )
No. 40 Yanji Street
Songshan District
Taipei, Taiwan
+886 02-2570-1080

Google maps, doesn’t pinpoint the place precisely, so I pinned it here:

Verdict: Find this place and make yourself a reservation. A very good experience.

Storefront @Seven Sushi

You'd walk right by if it weren't for the red scooter drawing your attention here. The sign was very modest and the view inside, obstructed with opaque glass. I couldn't tell this was a restaurant by looking at it. And add the fact that I can't read Chinese.

Place Setting @Seven Sushi

Among the usual suspects of fresh wasabi, daikon, and pickled ginger, we got more pickled vegetables. They make for great condiments to the onslaught of sushi to come.

Snails @Seven Sushi

Having had these only days before in Vietnam, I was confused why they were part of this meal. After having it, I see they've taken it to another level. This dish was chilled. The snails and the veggies were mixed in a light sauce. Making the course more about texture and bringing out the natural tastes of the ingredients.

Ox Impressions: 

Clam Soup @Seven Sushi

Next up, was soup to warm our bellies. The flavor was more profound than the last dish. If you want to draw an analogy, we were just stretching a few minutes ago and this was the start of the race. Yum has started!

Ox Impressions: 

Lobster Blood Infused Sake @Seven Sushi

A little brine with your sake? Why not? I didn't taste much of it. Makes you wonder if I should of had plain sake to begin with. Or was this drink suppose to make me a little more... potent? I'm not saying. What I will say would be, you can pass on this.

Ox Impressions: 

White Fish @Seven Sushi

Our first serving in a wave of sashmi to come, was this white fish. There's probably an exact name for this but our language barrier prevented me from getting anything more than "white fish". It was a very firm type of fish, not the kind that melts in your mouth. Yet, I found myself enjoying this unique bite.

Ox Impressions: 

Rockfish @Seven Sushi

Next up was a lightly seared tender cut fish which I mistakenly called red snapper. I was quickly corrected with the name "rockfish." Never had this before and I like it. Man, I love sushi places with a wide assortment of fish.

Ox Impressions: 

Hokkaido Uni @Seven Sushi

Oh I love Hokkaido uni and this was the freshest I've had. You can just tell by looking at the texture that this would be great. Only thing I wished though, was if it could be served nigiri style. I wasn't digging the grated yamaimo. Combining the delicateness of uni with the sliminess of yamaimo left me confused. This combination wasn't perfect for me.

Ox Impressions: 

Another Seared White Fish @Seven Sushi

Didn't get this name either. A white fish from Hokkaido, seared to give it a little char. Our chef also added a piece from the belly (standing in the back) to give us that contrast between the two cuts. Our chef was awesome.

Ox Impressions: 

Barracuda @Seven Sushi

I believe this was barracuda after a long conversation with the chef. It was good though and a new addition to my list of sushi fish. This was a little more dense than the others. Almost like mackerel, but definitely not tasting like it. I'm not a fan of mackerel. I'm a fan of this.

Ox Impressions: 

Scallop @Seven Sushi

Finally, something I can recognize and name correctly. A fresh cut of sea scallop with its familiar taste. Can't go wrong with this one.

Ox Impressions: 

Tuna Hand Roll @Seven Sushi

I should clarify, packed inside this hand roll were some delicious cuts of Black Tuna. At first I wasn't sure what made it taste so good. I've had other tuna hand rolls before and I always preferred other cuts of fish for the job. The chef pointed out that I must have never had Black Tuna before. He was right. And it wouldn't be the last.

Ox Impressions: 

Spicy Tuna @Seven Sushi

You're reading it correct, spicy tuna. No, not the Sriracha mayo mix kind. This was how a sushi chef would have made it if they never heard of the American version. At least that's my take on it the way our chef was smiled at our reaction. It was as if he knew what we thought when he presented it as "spicy tuna." Very clever my friend.

Ox Impressions: 

Hokkaido Crab @Seven Sushi

If there was a bite worth traveling back in time for it would be this one. So simple, so fresh, and so tasty. With all the meat removed from the shell and meticulously plated, all I needed to do was focus on the taste. How the sauce melds with the crab. Uggh, I'm getting hungry thinking about this.

Ox Impressions: 

Black Tuna @Seven Sushi

Maybe my taste buds are starting to mature because this was the first time I really really enjoyed tuna. Or maybe it's because this was Black Tuna from Hokkaido. Maybe it's both. But this fish, there seemed to be more subtle flavors than normal tuna. Here, the chef gave us a full taste of the fish after that sample in the hand roll. So so happy he added this in for us! Next thing to try, Black Tuna Toro... *drool*

Ox Impressions: 

Lobster @Seven Sushi

Pacific lobster in a fish egg custard topped with a green abalone sauce. Talk about a variety of flavors. Try all of the richness on one dish. My belt buckle was about to burst. This wasn't even our last dish.

Ox Impressions: 

Monkfish Nabe @Seven Sushi

My stomach wanted to say stop, but the fragrance of this stew lured me in. I saw cuts of Monkfish belly simmering in all types of mushrooms, including my favorite, king mushrooms. I dove in and food coma was right around the corner. What a way to end our meal. No matter how full I was, I still finished this off. And there was dessert. But it was really small... thank goodness. The marathon of eats is over and I'm one fat and happy ox.

Ox Impressions: 

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