In Myeongdong you’ll find plenty of things to shop for. But when your feet are tired and you need that caffeinated pick me up, where else to go then… a cat cafe? Yes, a place where you enjoy your coffee in a room full of frolicking felines. A hellish place for those with allergies yet a bewildering place for people like me. There’s also a dog cafe around the corner. I stopped by. The place looked rather small and having dogs roaming around may be a recipe for disaster. Plus this post is title “Cat Cafe”, so let’s get back to that.

The place was rather difficult to spot and don’t count on Google maps to get it right. Streets in Myeondong can be small and the naming/numbering convention can lead you astray. You could probably also ask the people holding up signs for it. A group of foreigners told me about them when I came out of the dog cafe. We happened to be going off directions to an old place that shut down. This place was new-er. Okay. Wish I knew the whole story here. Oh well, we were able to find it.

First off, I love dogs and cats. Never had one growing up though. So when I walked it, the first thing that hit me wasn’t how nice and clean the place looked, it was the smell. Best way to describe it was, it smelled very, err, feral. No matter what, animals are animals. With cats, they tend to mark things. And if you probably know how they go about marking. The owners are well aware of this and supply every customer with a plastic bag to store your belongings. And trust me, you need it. I happened to witness a lady who didn’t seal up her bag. And in slow motion I saw a cat casually walk up to the lady’s bag while she gleefully held up her phone snap off a picture, I muttered “I think that cat is going to…” The cat let the lady know what it thought of her Louis Vuitton bag. Yikes.

On the positive side, there were a great variety of cats. From Saimese, to Siberian, and even Sphynx, there were more than enough. Most slumbered away, but the social ones came to visit us.

I think this place is great for cat lovers, though for the rest of us. I don’t think mixing a cafe with a petting zoo quite works. And I have to say, this place seemed to have it together. Just not my cup of tea.

Cat Cafe
3F, 37-14, Myeongdong 8-gil

SeoulSouth Korea
+82 02-3789-2207

Verdict: Pass. Intriguing concept, but for the most part, you’re not missing much.

The Sign for the Cat Cafe

The entrance is small to spot. The only real indication is the big sign hanging above. Spot that and you're in the right vicinity.

Entrance to the Cat Cafe

Before entering, you need to take off your shoes and wear the slippers they provide. They also sanitize your hands when you enter. This helps keep their cats clean.

Inside the Cat Cafe

Pretty roomy place for all the cats to play. We got here right before it got crowded. Don't worry, it doesn't stay crowded for too long.

The Staff

Here's where you order, free of... err... cats. Well, at least they're not around the coffee.

Playful Cat

Once you're ready and placed your order, the cats are waiting to play. Well, at least after a belly rub. Wait, I think that's a dog thing.

Sleepy Cats

In the boxes and even up on the shelves, you can find cats taking a nap. The playful ones are below, roaming around.

Awakening Cat

Okay, some cats nap below.

Photogenic Cat

Other cats sit around waiting for you to take their pictures.

Car Profiles

You can read up more about each cat. That is, if you can read Korean. But you can see their birthdays.

The OxPosted April 6, 2015 By the hungry ox

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