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My traveling partner in crime had read up about a shabu place in Kyoto. A place that’s been hypothesized as the birthplace of modern day shabu. So what to do, but to venture out and find this place called Junidanya. However, within historical area of Gion where each building has minimal signage, it was a bit hard to find. Plus with the crowds cluttering the street, along with the colorful geisha, we were easily distracted from our quest. On a side note, you really kinda wonder if they’re actually local geisha or just tourist who rented kimonos. Because you know, you can do that here. We’ll get into that some other time.

After a couple of roundabouts, we found it.

Inside, the hostess instantly greeted and seated us. There wasn’t too many people right before noon. We ordered and watched people start trickling in. I’d say the customers were half tourists and half locals. Two geishas came and sat next to us. I saw them order the same items as us. I guess we got something right and after we started eating, I knew we were right. Overall it was worth the find.


570-128 Gionmachi Minamigawa Higashiyama-ku
Kyoto 605-0074, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Verdict: Seek this place out if you’re looking for some good hot pot.

Streets of Gion

We're transported back in time walking through the area. That is of course if you can tune out all the tourists, myself included. You can blindly walk about wondering what each building houses. It took us a bit to find Junidanya in the neighborhood. There was a large sign but it was almost camouflaged. Maybe we're too used to neon signs.

Inside Junidanya

We sat in the main seating area. It filled up quickly as lunch rolled on through. There are zashiki seating on the other side. An option if it were dinner. We didn't feel like lounging around for lunch.

Nabe and Shabu Shabu Lunch Sets @Junidanya

Just look at that marbling and yes, it was melt in your mouth goodness. At other places, I wonder if it's really Kobe beef I'm having. One look and I was convinced and after the first bite I was in heaven. Even though I got three slices, they were big. The nabe had four. Don't worry, you can always order more. I thought they were perfect portions. Oh, it was a good good lunch.

Ox Impressions: 

Storefront of Junidanya

See it's a little easy to miss. The place looks like any other building in Gion, sans the food signs. *sigh* I'm just so bad at finding places in this area.

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