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Twin Heart Stones and Sea Urchin

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The southern most island in Penghu rests the Qimei township. A place where you can find the Twin Heart Stone Weir. We took a tour which included the boat and bus ride tour of the island, including some other points of interests around the area. Unless you have your own transportation this would be the only means of getting here. It’s not too bad though. I only saw about two other tour groups along our route. Nothing alarming even if you don’t like crowds. It made the almost deserted town feel a bit lively.

After a couple of stop we got to Twin Heart Stones. From the top you can clearly see the heart. But what I really like was the shop there. It was filled with food stalls toting fresh seafood. One of which was sea urchin. Oh yeah, a little roadside uni made this trip a whole lot better. However, it’s not for the feint of heart. It’s fresh, like super fresh, to the point they’re still alive and moving after the vendor cracked open the shell. As they washed them I couldn’t help but wonder if this was cruel. I’ll have to do some research. In any case, we only shared three among us.

There’s not much more to explore. I only checked out the other vendors who had everything from abalone to ice cream. We weren’t too hungry though.

Of all the stops on this tour, this was pretty good even though it was a bit of a tourist trap. Glad it didn’t cost too much.

Verdict: If you’re in Penghu, add this tour to your itinerary.

Various Sea Urchin

There were a couple of vendors with their buckets of sea urchin. Shop around a little and make sure you try your fill of uni. At this price, it's wonderful to get a tasting. You get three for $100NTD.

Sea Urchin Preparation

Here is a look at how things are prepared. Don't worry no one got sick or anything.

Black Spined Sea Urchin

You'd expect this one to taste like the ones you have in the restaurant but it wasn't. It tasted a lot like the ocean which I suspect was from how it was washed out.

Orange Short Spined Sea Urchin

This is not the scientific name of this. Just going by color and taste. This one happens to be one I liked. Not too briny. Great stuff.

Twin-Heart Stone Weir

This is actually a fish trap, though I'm not sure it's still being used. Nowadays, it's a sight for us tourists on top of the hill. Sure, you can go down there and walk on it. However, it's kinda dangerous to head down there with a handful of sea urchin.

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