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Seafood in Penghu

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When you’re near the docks in Magong City, you’ll find plenty of restaurants displaying tanks of fresh local seafood. It’s a fun experience to shop and discover what each place can prepare. That is of course, if you spoke Chinese. Thankfully, the group I was with had no problem and knew specific places to go to. I won’t be able to list them here, but I can give you a sample of the different foods we had. All were indeed fresh and cooked to order and much less expensive than the places on mainland Taiwan.

We ate in this area three times and I could have done more. This was the local seafood eating experience I wanted.

The area wasn’t too busy either. I’d estimate places were at 75% capacity. That meant no wait. Well, just the wait for your food. Not bad to be in a place where supply was more then demand. Keep Penghu at these levels please!

Verdict: If you’re an adventurous seafood lover, give this area a try.

Boiled Squid

Our starting dish were these little fellas. Could have been an ode to our squid fishing trip, but I could do without the lazy preparation. Boiled and served with sweet mayo. Up to us to debone the suckers and avoid the ink glands. Can't say it's the most attractive dish either.

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Taiwanese Oysters

The local oysters here are prepared like how I see them on Japanese shows, baked so perfect, they’re so beautiful to open. Finally, I get to ooo and ahhh and spend my precious time with each of these suckers.

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Mystery Shellfish

Not sure what these were exactly. Some kind of mollusk? A bit large and difficult to eat. Once you do get to the meat, it's actually too chewy and tasteless. Curiosity got the cat this time around. But hey, looks pretty cool how they prepared it right?

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Okay, so the Vietnamese in me really loved this. Not as much for the rest of the table.

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Grilled Clams

Nicely done clams in light soy garnished with cucumbers and chives.

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Uni Fried Rice

Now this was a surprise. Fried rice with the taste of uni. Oh how I wish there was more uni. Still this was fantastic. Such an obvious combination yet I've never seen it done. It's so good.

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