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Hot pot culture is huge in Taiwan so when you find one that stands out, you kinda want to tell the world. And that’s what I want to do with this very modest looking restaurant,宅涮涮鍋. Inside, however, the quaint little place was very nice. The decor was modern with single seating at the bar. More intimate parties of two had table seating divided by walls.

Pricing isn’t too bad, though on the higher end but it shows in the food you get. As fresh as you can get for the seafood and the beef quality was superb. You can go over the top with the wagyu, but the sirloin was just as premium. Yeah, I chose the seafood set but had to try some beef.

The waitress went over all the items in our set. She let us know how long to cook everything. This was particularly important for my seafood set. Each item had huge differences in cook time. For instance, scallop shouldn’t be cooked for more then 30 seconds, shrimp should take about a minute, and the snails would take longest. All great tips because I’d probably overcook everything and ruin the whole dinner. Yay for instructions!

No. 34, Yongkang St
Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
+886 2 2393 0051


Verdict: Yes, this is a great place for shabu shabu and try the seafood set!

Side Order of Sirloin @宅涮涮鍋

You'll have to try the beef here as well. Very marbled cuts even if you're not opting for the Wagyu cuts. Still a great addition to make my meal a surf and turf meal.


Ox Impressions: 

Seafood Set @宅涮涮鍋

Look at that mix of seafood, from fish to oysters to shrimp, this was a beauty. And even though we just came back from Penghu, the theme of freshness was still present. I got a shock when I put in half of the flat lobster in my broth. It started to move! Yeah, a bit disturbing but I went ahead and ate. It's just too good not to have all of this.


Ox Impressions: 

Shabu Sides @宅涮涮鍋

A good mix of veggies to go with my seafood set. The tofu selection was great.

Ox Impressions: 

Rice Porridge @宅涮涮鍋

After you're done with your proteins and veggies, the waitress came over to make a porridge out of the now wonderfully flavored broth. If I had known, I'd save some room for this. I only had a few spoonfuls.

Ox Impressions: 

Japanese Sweet Corn @宅涮涮鍋

I don't think was normally available. We had another dessert afterwards. This gets a special note for the amount of sweetness that came from this white corn. I didn't think much of it when I saw it. I was so wrong. Biting into these kernels released a crisp sweetness I haven't had before. I'm going to have to find more Japanese white corn.

Ox Impressions: 


We've walked by this place a couple times when we hung out in Da'an. Who knew this place was such a wonderful place for shabu shabu.

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