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Sushi Omakase at Park Restaurant

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Yes, that is some amazing looking sushi. And guess what? This was in Montreal. Yeah, Asian food here has stepped up it’s game, especially with sushi. I’d like to introduce you to Park Restaurant, an establishment based in Westmount. It’s menu is a mix of Japanese and Korean dishes.  We happened to head here for their sushi. Overlooking the fact that it was lunch, we went with the sushi omakase, a six course meal for $70CAD a person. We were in for a feast of some freshest fish in Montreal.

The courses came out at a nice pace at the beginning. About the fourth course, it slowed down. But that was good because we were getting really really full. Service was very conscience of our state. lol. However, my only complaint would be on a few nigiri pieces. They seasoned the rice during preparation which made it fall apart. That’s can be a deal breaker for some. Not me though, I can tolerate it. It does help when each piece was tasty. This has to be the best sushi experience in a town where I usually go for French. Fantastic job Antonio Park! Way to bring this level of sushi craftsmanship and passion to Montreal.

Oh, I should add that if you’re looking for Japanese whiskey, this place serves it.

Park Restaurant
378 Avenue Victoria
Westmount, QC H3Z 2N4, Canada
+1 514-750-7534

Verdict: Definitely a try when you’re in Montreal looking for high end sushi.

Inside the Park Restaurant

Inside is space is open and there's plenty of natural light coming in and the only thing that jumps out as Japanese is the food and the whisky.

Organic Miso Soup @Park Restaurant

This was an interesting take on miso soup. What you see in there is a farm fresh poached egg whose yolk is nice and runny. It adds a bit of denseness that tofu won't. Very tasty but I'm on the fence about starting off my meal with something this heavy.

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Seared Maguro @Park Restaurant

Next up was this seared tuna with miso flavored sun dried eggplant topped with lotus chips. It swims in a tangy ponzu sauce that goes lovely with the fish.

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The Nigiri Tasting @Park Restaurant

Now, onto the nigiri. Oh man, look at that plating. I tried so hard to keep up with the explanation of each piece. I think I got it all except for the toppings. Who cares though. Just look at that beauty!

Aji @Park Restaurant

Starting off the feast was the horse mackerel. Very nice fish and not too much of the sauce. However, here was where I got worried since it was my first piece. The rice was falling apart since they used the sauce on the rice. I couldn't taste the sweetness of the rice. But hey, the fish with the fresh wasabi and green onions kinda made up for it.

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Suzuki with Caviar @Park Restaurant

Again with the fall apart rice. However, this time I didn't care after tasting this sea bass and caviar combination. Oh so give me more of this!

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Tai @Park Restaurant

The sea bream was a nice touch. I didn't expect to see this in Montreal. Well put together. Eating it made me think I was back in Japan.

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Shiro Maguro @Park Restaurant

The albacore piece was okay. I see what they are doing with the pepper and chili making a deconstructed spicy tuna nigri. But for me, it doesn't do the fish justice. I get it though, creative.

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Kanpachi @Park Restaurant

A very fresh tasting piece of young yellowtail. The, I want to say, salsa on top doesn't quite overpower the fish. So if you're a fan of kanpachi, you'll like this creation.

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Sake @Park Restaurant

Another great piece, king salmon slightly seared with a dab of wasabi cream. For you sushi purest, you'd be missing out on some wonderful flavors if you skip this. Especially when you get a cut later on in your sashimi tasting.

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Hamachi @Park Restaurant

It's a shame if you don't like spicy things because this was pretty damn good. The fish was nicely balanced as I always see yellowtail to be, but then it kicks you in the face with the pepper. Food coma? Not after this.

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Mushroom Maki @Park Restaurant

As if I wasn't already full from the last course, here comes this little monster. You got cured mushrooms on top of a thick spicy tuna roll sided with some seared albacore. Oh, I was surprised I finished this. The others had to take theirs home.

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Sashimi Tasting @Park Restaurant

A very fresh assortment of fish slightly submerged in a citrusy sauce. The salmon in this dish was the star.

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King Salmon @Park Restaurant

I want to focus in on this salmon. Look at the fat within the main cords of fat. Now imagine how delicious it would taste and you'll know why I was in love.

Dessert @Park Restaurant

Thankfully, the final course was this was this light dessert. Not heavy at all and so glad to have room for this treat.

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