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We had this great recommendation from a friend, Surawon, a low key place in a very unsuspecting part of Koreatown. Sure, it’s on Olympic but it’s not in the heart of where all the new places are popping up. So it was fantastic for parking and even more wonderful that we didn’t have to wait for a table. Hopefully, after this post it will still remain that way. Sorry Surawon, I want to keep you hidden away like my friends had.

When you enter, the place looks like they took ownership from an old taquería. They made no attempt in hiding it. You’ll find Mexican decorations scattered around the walls. And the color scheme was just not indicative of a Korean restaurant. Not that it mattered. Once that food came out, it didn’t matter what the surroundings were. It was all eyes on the food. Solid home cooking that will make your tummy happy. Our waitress brought out the bubbling hot plate of food, cut up our dish, and explained how best to eat it. Typical Korean restaurant host etiquette. Once we started eating our conversation went to a hush. And although we ate till way past closing time, they didn’t rush us at all. Now that’s comforting service and a way you’ll surely get me to return.

2833 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006
+1 213-383-7317

Verdict: If you want to try some unique Korean dishes, stop by this place.

Mo Deum Soo Yook @Surawon

This was more than enough for two people. So glad we didn't order any more. With the side dishes our taste buds were kept delighted. The mix between the cartilage, tripe, ox tail, and flank beef, we were super happy. Do note that with all the collagen here, things can get quite sticky.


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The waitress will come over and deal with the boiling hot plate. All you have to do is wait till she's done and dig in.

Beef Bone Soup @Surawon

This comes with the main dish which is great. A good way to counter the stickiness but even more effective in the taste arena. If you like bone soup, you'll love this stuff. It's definitely a long simmered broth.

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The Secret to the Soup, Salt

Here's the key to your soup. Add a little to taste and watch the flavors come through. Anyone who says their soup was tasteless didn't listen to the waitress. I was okay with the taste, but after adding half a teaspoon of salt, it was a very different meal.

Banchan @Surawon

Wonderful variety of flavors here. My favorite? The kimchi of course.

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