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Lei Garden

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Another day of dim sum may seem like too much, but if know about the vast variety and all the famous restaurants, you won’t be bored. Even though this was another popular place, it’s on the higher on of the price range. Not the most expensive but it can make a dent in your wallet if you go overboard ordering. We chose to keep it light.

The place gets a lot of foot traffic outside but once you are in, you’re shielded from it. There are plenty of big tables. Large morning parties seem to be what they cater to more. You’ll notice the service immediately once inside. We didn’t have a reservation but they found us seating immediately. For a Sunday that was quite a surprise.¬†We ordered of the menu and the food came out within minutes. No this too wasn’t a dim sum cart place. I actually found a local one near by but we can save that for another time. Food was good and the quality was what you’d expect from a high end dim sum place. I’ll definitely be back.

Lei Garden
326-338 Hennessy Rd
Wanchai, Hong Kong

Verdict: Go here and get the crab dumpling. I don’t know any other place that has that.

Grilled Eggplant @Lei Garden

Japanese style was the description of this dish. I believe the bonito flakes make it so. It could have done without it though. The eggplant itself was cooked to a firmness unlike other places that turn this wonderful plant into mush. Good job.


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Pan Fried Turnip Cake @Lei Garden

I was hoping for more crisp, but there was enough to keep me happy. They make these difficult to resist even when their not my first choice when it comes to dim sum.


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Steamed Dumpling @Lei Garden

I never know what's exactly in these things that give it the crunchiness through that soft skin. But it's okay. Whatever it was, it was tasty.


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Dumpling with Crab Meat in Superior Soup @Lei Garden

Okay. They had me at crab dumpling. Superior soup though, wasn't sure about that. Sure glad we got over the description and ordered this wonderful dish. The crab meat inside was firm and delicious. And that soup? It was indeed superior. Enough to warrant me to order this all to myself in the future.


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Xiao Lung Bao @Lei Garden

The soup dumplings here were quite nice. A little more soupy than the ones at Din Tai Fung. What a great addition to our dim sum meal.

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