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It was my friend’s birthday and we decided to head out for Japanese. Unsure of what exactly we wanted, sushi or teppanyaki we opted for Shika Teppan-Yaki. It’s situated in Causeway Bay a little bit away from the busy streets. That set up the hopes for a nice dinner with my friends as we walked there. Inside, the place was set up for both sushi and teppanyaki. That is, one side was the sushi bar and perpendicular to it were teppanyaki stations. Even though we weren’t going to do teppanyaki we wanted to do the round tables instead of the sushi bar. It would be easier for us to talk. I have to say, not the best move since there was a cook at our station and he was cooking meals, not for us, but for others.

There were rooms available where they had just plain tables. However, after talking to the host, they were unavailable. Kinda not cool because no one was in there during our whole meal. Though, I’ll just imagine that the people that booked it was a no show. Not going to ping their service on that. What I will note though was our dishes were served without any explanation. Sure, that’s minor and we were the ones that ordered, but this was chef’s choice. Omakase as you will, at $988HKD. The only thing we specifically added was the wagyu sashimi. Everything else was selected by the chef. Would love to have at least our server go over the course with us. So bare with me on the dish explanations below. I’m assuming that’s what I ate. I hate to recommend or not recommend a restaurant based on service. So on to the food.

The food was hit and miss. More hits than misses, though one was a huge miss. But given the price point I’d have to say I wanted better.

Shika Teppan-Yaki
477 Jaffe Rd
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
+852 2892 8819

Verdict: I can’t recommend this place. There is huge competition in Hong Kong for upscale Japanese restaurants and this one doesn’t cut it for me.

Taro Appetizer @Shika Teppan-Yaki

The dense and creamy potato wasn't the highlight here. It was the little crisps that were added to the dish. They were little surprises as you bite into your taro chunks.

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Tako Appetizer @Shika Teppan-Yaki

Starting off our meal was marinated octopus and daikon. Most of the flavor was in the daikon with the tako giving the small dish the texture it needed.

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Renkon @Shika Teppan-Yaki

The lotus root was the final piece in the appetizer set. Not much to say about this one except for it's texture. Almost spongy yet still crunchy and crisp even though it tastes like it's been marinating for quite some time.

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Sashimi @Shika Teppan-Yaki

Our first main course was six kinds of sushi. Unfortunately, the waiter didn't stick around to explain the fish for us. I flagged him down to ask about the piece on the left which he told me it was cod. I don't think I ever had cod in sashimi before and not sure if I was a fan. The giant oyster though, I wasn't a fan of. Bigger didn't mean better.

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Grilled Fish @Shika Teppan-Yaki

This was way too dry. I wanted to say this was cured before it was grilled. But the waiter erased that benefit of the doubt. Not sure what this course was all about. Let me know if I've totally missed the point of this one.

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Stewed Fish @Shika Teppan-Yaki

This was a better serving in the realm of cooked fish. It's a lightly stewed fish and daikon. Much more moisture and taste in this one.

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Sushi @Shika Teppan-Yaki

Now on to the favorite part of the meal. The sushi and of course, that otoro. Look at that fattiness. It's melt in your mouth goodness. Oh, and the other nigiri was alright too.

Ox Impressions: 

Wagyu Sashimi @Shika Teppan-Yaki

Yeah, I'm rating this low. Not on the quality of meat. Not at all, it's the preparation here. Frozen and on ice. You can't taste the beef at all. Dipping it in the sauce, you'd taste the sauce then get a popsicle rendition of the wagyu. I decided to let it thaw, completely. Then it tasted great. Not sure why it's served this way. Huge thumbs down from me.

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Miso Soup @Shika Teppan-Yaki

One of the things I noticed here in Hong Kong was that the soup was served at the end of the meal. Who knows, maybe in the states we have it backwards. Who knows. As for the soup itself, nice and light. I guess it's a good way to end the meal. Well, actually there was dessert, which was just fruit.

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