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Sobaten Japanese Cutlet

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It was lunchtime and we continued our Japanese food run by hitting up Sobaten Japanese Cutlet. As the name hints, this place specializes in katsu and boy do they do a good job. Not to mention, the variations they have on this Japanese staple. It ranges from chicken, to shrimp, to cheese filled, to mille-feuille, and even cheese filled mille-feuille katsu. There’s plenty to try.

Located in the lower level of the Henry House, you’ll need to go down some small stairs to get there. It’s a bit narrow and kinda dark. But once you wind your way to the entrance, it opens up to a room filled with dining tables. We were the first ones there before the lunch crowd. Service was a bit confusing as we couldn’t tell who exactly was our waiter. Several people took our orders and of course that led to a complication with one of our dishes. It was completely not what my friend ordered. They fixed it pretty quick while tending to the incoming lunch crowd. Always a good sign when management prioritizes things properly. I think they’ll need to work on the wait staff a bit, but the kitchen was definitely fine.

Sobaten Japanese Cutlet
42 Yun Ping Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
+852 2895 4111

Verdict: Solid place for some good katsu. Thumbs up for the curry too!

Interior of Sobaten

For some reason, the place reminds me of a classic American diner. It may be the color scheme and the vinyl seats. I don't know. Neat look for a Japanese restaurant.

Sides @Sobaten

No matter what you order you'll get some pickled veggies. They're tangy and crisp. A perfect cool down against the hot curry.

Ox Impressions: 

Salad @Sobaten

The meals come with an refillable supply of this shredded cabbage. It's cut so thin, it makes the salad so much fun to eat. You have a choice between the sesame and vinaigrette dressing. We started with the sesame and never tried the other even after three or four helpings of salad.

Ox Impressions: 

Iron Pot Katsu @Sobaten

This omelette style katsu sits on a simmering dish. A little hot too handle but the servers take care of everything. If you're a fan of donburi you'll probably like this. Though your rice is served separately.


Ox Impressions: 

Katsu Curry @Sobaten

Don't let the plating fool you, this stuff hit the spot. Plenty of beef curry to go with the crunchy flaky katsu. They really should serve it in a smaller dish. The katsu was actually pretty big.


Ox Impressions: 

Katsu Curry @Sobaten

Okay, so maybe the only thing I would change is a thicker cut of pork. This still was good. Just look at that crunchy crust.

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