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Hing Kee Claypot

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For those not willing to wait in long lines, there’s Hing Kee. A place that will gladly take the impatient who wants to try the popular Temple Street claypot rice. Located right across the street from the obviously number one spot for claypot rice, it almost felt as though Hing Kee didn’t mind being second pick. With three of their restaurants located at the same corner, I don’t think they minded at all. Each place was filled and the street hosts were busy finding people seats. We were led up a narrow stairwell and seated in a noisy cramped corner. How befitting of a place to show our friend how locals eat along Temple Street.

It’s become a tourist attraction for people to experience. And that’s exactly what we did.

We had a Hong Kong friend order. So sorry for the lack of descriptions and prices. She ordered a lot. A sampling of the popular dishes and several sides. The food came out pretty quick and that’s because there’s more cooking that’s needed for the claypots. Something our friend showed had to show us before we jumped in to eat. This was not a good place when you’re starving. You’ll have to wait a little longer for the pots to cook. Thank goodness we brought some scotch.

Mix and match pots if you can. Don’t get too experimental on your first visit. This type of eating isn’t for everyone and there’s plenty more to eat around the area. So leave room in your stomach and make this more of a place to check out rather then a dinner, dinner place.

Hing Kee Claypot
15-19 Temple Street
Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

Verdict: I can’t say the food was all that great, but it’s the experience that counts. One that requires at least a small group.

Preparing the Claypot @Hing Kee Claypot

After you add the egg add the sauce then cover. It doesn't look like much now. But after you cover it and let it cook, you'll get a wonderful meal plus some crispy rice along the sides.

Chicken and Chinese Sausage Claypot @Hing Kee Claypot

Wondering what to order? Try this version which everyone would recommend. Simply the epitome of Chinese street cuisine. Chicken, rice, and lap cheong (Chinese sausage). Oh it won't get any better than this. Well, maybe add some sauce and an egg. Then you'll be unstoppable.

Ox Impressions: 

Veggies @Hing Kee Claypot

Make sure you add veggies to your meal. It's a good balance for the savory claypots, especially if you poured too much sauce in your pot. Just saying. Not like we did that.

Ox Impressions: 

Frog Leg Claypot @Hing Kee Claypot

Whether you like frogs or not, this would be a unique dish to try. Both the claypot and the frog legs made for an interesting eat.

Ox Impressions: 

BYOB @Hing Kee Claypot

One of the best things about this place, was it's unadvertised bring your own beer policy, or should we say bring your own liquor. We opted to go all out with a bottle of scotch. And without any hesitation, they gave us pink plastic cups. Wonderful!

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