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A friend once told me her favorite solo outing was going out and having sushi. I happen to agree. On my last day full day of Hong Kong I was alone. And while most think that’s unfortunate, I think it’s advantageous for securing a walk in seating at high demand sushi restaurants. Most of the time you’ll need a reservation. But as a party of one, all you need to do was to look for bar space. And that was the case at Sushi Hiro, a place upstairs from where we had lunch earlier in the week. One thing that I should mention was that it wasn’t easy finding a place with the party of one method. Although I started very early, at 5pm, I went to about 3 other places before deciding. And sure, I could have called, but I wanted to see the place, see the fish, and feel the ambiance.

Sushi Hiro’s sushi bar was very inviting. Two sushi chefs with a couple helpers stood behind the counter and the staff was attentive the whole time. Although the restaurant felt dark, I realized most of the lighting was illuminating the sushi bar while giving the private tables more intimacy. Of course, I took the bar and greeted the chef.

I took a deep breath and ordered the omakase set at $2800HKD.

Yes, this was expensive and I knew the price beforehand. But I wanted to experience and test what the locals say. “If you want good sushi, you might as well buy a ticket to Japan.” And sure, at these prices you might as well. Though it’s more than just finding the right fish. It’s about coming up with a good meal. Sushi Hiro does so with a huge selection of seafood sourced from Hokkaido. And by the end of the meal, I had sampled all of it and had to graciously turn down the chef for any more food. There were several memorable courses and I am happy to say, it was worth it. And that’s coming from a guy who frequents all the wonderful sushi places here in California. Sure, it’s a different style, but let’s focus on creativity over purists.

Sushi Hiro
42 Yun Ping Rd
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
+852 2882 8752

Verdict: If you can overlook the price tag, try their omakase.

The Chef's Table @Sushi Hiro

Front seats at this event was a must. Everything was prepped and ready for me to start.

Soft Tofu @Sushi Hiro

I started off with a cold appetizer, a small helping of tofu garnished with salmon roe sitting in a very light sauce. It came out within minutes of seating.

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Daikon @Sushi Hiro

Next up was another small dish, boiled radish. I scarfed this one down pretty quick. No complaints here.

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Japanese Tomatoes @Sushi Hiro

I'm not sure if these were suppose to be the infamous Japanese tomatoes that are sweet like candy, but I want to imagine they were. A bit sweeter then cherry tomatoes they were fun to eat.

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Baked Clam @Sushi Hiro

Onto the start of the meal, which I usually mark when the proteins appear. This baked clam was warm, plump, and juicy. They let the natural taste of the dish speak for itself.

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Raw Oyster @Sushi Hiro

I wasn't really feeling having a raw dish right after a cooked one. And to make it more daunting, the size of this oyster was big. Not as large as the other ones from a few nights ago, but large enough to make me wonder if I should skip it. Don't worry, I didn't. Though the tangy sauce overtook the oyster in taste.

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Hairy Crab @Sushi Hiro

I know this may not look very appealing with the tomalley topping but oh was this fresh and sweet. And this wasn't the small hairy crabs that sell on the streets. The chef showed me the big suckers they used. Nicely done chef.

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Anko @Sushi Hiro

You may have guessed that I'm not a fan of monkfish liver. This here was the monkfish itself served sashimi style with, guess what, a sauce made from its liver. Ha! Now that my friends, would be how I like my ankimo.

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Shima Aji @Sushi Hiro

It was time for the single courses of sashimi. The chef started me off with a fresh cut of Striped Jack. This was a fish I seldom had. Not sure why though. It fits into my favorite category of fish, buttery.

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Mirugai @Sushi Hiro

Next up was geoduck, cut into bit size pieces. What you appreciate here was the texture. Firm and almost crunchy to the bite.

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Maguro @Sushi Hiro

The chef told me this was toro and it technically may be. But I believe this was a unique cut of tuna. Notice the dark red that fades to the typical medium fat tuna. That gives you a taste of both worlds. Not sure if this was his intent and don't worry, it's not like they're skipping out on toro.

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Aji Salad @Sushi Hiro

Chopped horse mackerel tossed with green onions and mint was served with a soy ginger sauce used for dipping. A very refresh tasting dish that I took my time with as they prepared the next dish.

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Kinki Fish @Sushi Hiro

And here was another first time for me, the Japanese kinki fish. Lightly seared to bring out the taste in the skin, this fish is hard to describe. Though, I will say it was absolutely delicious. Something that I will remember this place for.

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Uni @Sushi Hiro

Fresh from Hokkaido comes sea urchin and the start of the nigiri courses. Yummy but as you can imagine from an American, I wished there was more uni packed in there. What? I'm just saying what you're thinking.

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Hamachi @Sushi Hiro

There's so much confusion around which fish actually is hamachi and opposed to buri. This was amberjack, which can be labeled as both depending on the age or whether it's farmed. I didn't have time to ask the chef. It was already in my mouth by the time he looked up.

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Amaebi @Sushi Hiro

This sweet Botan shrimp was huge and tasty. It ranks up there as the top amaebi I've ever had. And it's not due to the serving size, it was the taste. As sweet as shrimp can taste and I love the texture when it's raw.

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Deep Fried Botan Shrimp @Sushi Hiro

Typically, you're served the shrimp head after having amaebi and here they abide by that tradition.

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Sayori @Sushi Hiro

Not my favorite fish, but here it's prepared to enhance the flavors I generally think is lacking. Nicely done.

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Tai @Sushi Hiro

The button on my jeans were about to pop when the sea bream came out. Man, I couldn't resist and devoured it all the same.

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Unknown @Sushi Hiro

I dropped the ball on this one. I couldn't even remember the taste. I want to say eel but I don't think it was. Sorry.

Otoro @Sushi Hiro

A light sear on this o-so-immaculate piece of fatty tuna made this pretty much orgasmic. Looking back at this, I have to fight my urges to make reservations at my favorite sushi places here at home.

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Miso Soup @Sushi Hiro

I like miso soup. Miso soup with a big ol clam and shitake mushrooms? I'm in love.

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Sesame Ice Cream @Sushi Hiro

I barely had room for dessert. Once I found out it was ice cream, I put my whining aside and dug into it. The perfect size and ending to this long sitting.

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