After getting situated in Chelsea it was time to find a bite to eat. Being close to Madison Square Gardens you’re surrounded by plenty of places to eat. However, if you just came off a red eye flight, took the train to Penn Station, and were still on West Coast hours, you’re probably looking for a lighter meal. I found that at Cafe Hanamizuki, a quaint little restaurant surrounded by the less refined shops catering to the eat and go lunch crowds.

Inside you’re greeted by a bright interior leading up to the register. There’s several small tables for more intimate gatherings and stools against the wall table for those dining in singularity. It’s not your sit and be waited on type of place, even though when you pay you’ll be prompted for a tip. But there was someone going around cleaning up, so hopefully that was for them.

The food is already prepared and ready so all you have to do is pick and choose, pay, and find a seat. I think the lunch set was the right size of soup, side dish, and onigiri.

Cafe Hanamizuki
143 W 29th Street
New York, NY 10001
Chelsea, Midtown West
+1 (212) 695-5533

Verdict: If you’re looking for a light meal and don’t mind the prices, give it a try. But it’s price point wasn’t worth it.

The Counter @Cafe Hanamizuki

Very small station yet they work furiously to keep up with the pace of the patrons. Even though you may say it was a late lunch, there were plenty of onigiri in stock.

The Onigiri Selection @Cafe Hanamizuki

Some may look familiar but others had some unique combinations. Take a look at their menu on the website to get a hint. And don't worry, I stayed clear of the Hawaiian. No way they can top the ones in Oahu. Right? Don't give me eaters remorse.

Onigiri Lunch Set @Cafe Hanamizuki

You get a selection of soup, a side, and two onigiri (rice balls) for your lunch set. Judging from their size, I decided to add another onigiri that landed me with the prime osaka, cha-shu, and the unagi. Pretty tasty and a bit difficult to eat. I recommend keeping them in their plastic wrap as you eat. I took them off for this photo op but regretted it once things fell apart on me. The things I do for my readers. :)

The star of the set however, was the Kinoko miso soup, mushroom soup. It was so delicate, yet coated your dancing umami taste buds. Delicious!

$10.50USD (+$3.50 extra cha-shu onigiri)

Ox Impressions: 

Size of Onigiri @Cafe Hanamizuki

To give you a size reference. On any other day I could have finished this in two bites... Okay, maybe three.

The OxPosted May 26, 2016 By the hungry ox

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