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Don’s Bogam BBQ

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New York’s Koreatown has some of the best BBQ restaurants around and today we could confirm that statement. My friend arranged dinner for us at Don’s Bogam BBQ, a favorite for this New York alumni. Little did I know, this was a Michelin Recommended restaurant that, come to think of it, was the first for me when it comes to KBBQ. Wow. A place I go, to gorge on beef, drink lots of beer and soju, celebrate with my friends in the most rambunctious manner and leaving with the sticky film of smoke and garlic. This type of place got the attention of the Michelin peeps. Well, when we got to the restaurant I could see that I was about to up level my KBBQ experience.

The restaurant was like a merger between the traditional and high class dining. We had a few drinks at the fancy bar in front while we waited for everyone to arrive. Table for twelve? Not a problem. However, we had to be split us between two tables of six. Understandable because they are very service driven here. Even though the menu says “Cook your own” the servers do all the cooking for you at your table. So they need the tables to be accessible for the servers. I loved the attention and only had to flag someone down once to, you guessed it, order more of their wonderful beef. Yum!

Expect to stay at least an hour to relax and enjoy your dinner. This isn’t your typical KBBQ place that’s trying to rush people in and out. And although the higher pricing may keep people away, it means you’ll hardly see a line outside. But to be safe, make a reservation.

Don’s Bogam BBQ
17 E 32nd St
New York, NY 10016
+1 (212) 683-2200

Verdict: On the pricey side yet well worth it.

The BBQ Tables @Don's Bogam BBQ

The BBQ area consists of sunken tables with focused vents to keep you from smelling too smokey. The seats could take some getting used to. And with our group of fourteen we had to reserve two tables.

Banchan @Don's Bogam BBQ

Not the largest selection but very high quality banchan. And yes, they were constantly refilled.

Ox Impressions: 

Japchae @Don's Bogam BBQ

We got warmed up with some traditional Korean glass noodles sauteed with mixed vegetables. It went great with the banchan.


Ox Impressions: 

Pajeon @Don's Bogam BBQ

The obligatory seafood pancake didn't disappoint. It was nice and crispy, enough to share among the six of us at the table.


Ox Impressions: 

The Seafood Grill @Don's Bogam BBQ

As we were about to experience, this place takes a serious look into the actual grill. For our seafood platter, this copper looking mesh grill was setup for us. It was the first of three used in our entire meal.

Seafood Platter @Don's Bogam BBQ

Our server setup the first few pieces around the grill. The sushi grade tuna was almost blasphemous being put to the torch but it turned out pretty well. That is, if you only wanted it seared and take it off in time.

Seafood Platter @Don's Bogam BBQ

Once the whole platter was unloaded onto the grill, we were carefully eyeing the tuna, scallops, mussels and prawns to make sure they don't overcook.

$84.95 (for two)

Ox Impressions: 

Five Variety Beef Platter @Don's Bogam BBQ

Once we had our fill of adventure with the seafood platter, out came our sirloin, short ribs, marinated short ribs, rib fingers & skirt steak beef. This is where the restaurant shines. Great quality cuts that were wonderful to eat and grill. Well, maybe not grill, since our server did all that. But it looked fun. Really.

$81.95USD (for two)

Ox Impressions: 

Mesh Grill @Don's Bogam BBQ

Not sure what meats this type of grill handles better. Maybe the non-marinated ones?

Iron Plate Grill @Don's Bogam BBQ

That theory would have held up if we had cooked the marinated beef on this. We did order more beef of course, and maybe they were just randomly changing the grill. I guess I'll have to ask next time.

Condiments @Don's Bogam BBQ

There's plenty of flavors for your creative taste buds. Mine for tonight was beef wrapped in pickled daikon topped with sliced green onions. Good night everyone! I'll be dreaming of this for months.

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