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Flying in early and finding yourself in downtown Los Angeles, you may want to check out Eggslut for breakfast. A popular spot that has lines of people waiting to get their yolk porn on. When I arrived the line wasn’t too bad, though it was the day after Thanksgiving. Only a fifteen minute wait until it was my turn to order. However, when I was done eating, around 9:30am, the line had snaked around the whole shop. Maybe everyone wanted to fuel up for Black Friday. Who knows. I was just here for a good breakfast.

This place is located in Grand Central Market. The shop was simply an open kitchen with about five to six cooks preparing the orders. Things ran efficiently and I got my sandwich and slut within five minutes. Yeah, it’s a bit too much for one person to finish. But I wanted to try both items. I heard so much about them. Sadly, the slut disappointed while the sandwich was definitely the star. Or more specifically, the free range eggs. So much yolk and oh so deliciously messy. This was what finger licking good was all about.


Grand Central Market
317 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013
+1 (213) 625-0292

Verdict: If you happen to be around and see that the lines are short, stop by and go for the sandwiches.

The Eggslut Sign

A bit hard to see the sign but the place is right in front of Grand Central Market. Just look for the line.

The Line @Eggslut

Not too bad of a line from what I was expecting. It's all indoors which is good for those rare rainy California days.

Seating @Eggslut

You can choose to sit front and center to watch your order get made. It's a great way to eat and go. There are other seats and tables out on the sidewalk as well.

Bacon Egg and Cheese @Eggslut

The brioche bun against that crunchy bacon was a great foundation to slip in that plump fried egg, with an egg yolk just waiting to burst. It does lean toward the salty side more than I'd like. But still, a very good sandwich. It's no wonder why people line up for this place.


Ox Impressions: 

Yolk Porn @Eggslut

The yolks in these eggs are quite large. I tried my best to contain the run, but sometimes you'll just have to accept fate and have napkins at the ready.

Slut @Eggslut

And here's the slut, a free range poached egg served in a potatoe puree with crunchy slices of bread, which I ended up not eating. After having the wonderful soft brioche, these cuts of baguette were just too tough to eat. I went straight to finishing the slut.


Ox Impressions: 

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