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Da Poke Shack

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When it comes to food, the first thing people tell me about the Big Island was that I had to visit Da Poke Shack. A small place located in a set of condominiums that served fresh poke. Of course, they branched out to another location, but we wanted to try the original. Not to mention, it was on our way to the airport. Our last chance on this trip to try it.

We got there right when it opened and there was no one but us there. There would soon be a trickle of patrons but it was still too early for the lunch crowds. The place works more like an order to go. There’s basically communal seating on the two picnic tables set outside. I figure on hot days, it’s preferable to eat it somewhere else. We chose to eat it there.

The price to the amount of poke you get was quite high. Our bowls which included two scoops from the lower shelf (where the poke is located) and one scoop from the top ran us over $13, depending if you want brown or white rice. The platter on the other hand ran over $20. This was all market price so I’m sure it fluctuates over the year. But who knows, there’s a poke trend in California that may keep prices high. Only time will tell.

Overall, every piece of tuna here was pristine. No chewy bits of cartilage, just straight up proteins. I see why people have been recommending this place to us.

Da Poke Shack

Oceanfront Kona Bali Kai Condos
76-6246 Alii Drive #101
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
+1 (808) 329-7653

Verdict: Portions are small, but the fresh cuts of fish are worth it.

Entrance @Da Poke Shack

It may be a little difficult to spot, but once you see it you can't miss it. And yeah, not too much in terms of seating. Just two picnic tables outside.

The Counter @Da Poke Shack

Right when you walk in you're presented with their selection of poke for the day. Take your time and make sure you read the signs, both in the display and on the wall about the taste profile. I kinda missed that part. Read? I'm too hungry to read.

Chuka Iidako @Da Poke Shack

Now this wasn't something I saw too often. Marinated and cooked baby octopus. Nicely prepared, leaving their plump almost crunchy texture in place.

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Korean Mussels @Da Poke Shack

Korean spiced mussels were on display and caught my curiosity. However, it was a bit too salty.

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1st Poke Bowl @Da Poke Shack

Here's my first bowl of poke. Yeah, I had seconds. I'm not ashamed to admit it. C'mon, I barely had any poke in this bowl. Having had poke all week, I decided to try out some other items, like the baby octopus and mussels pictured above. Then I added the Shack Special as an afterthought, not reading that it was sweet. A mistake in the fact that it made me crave for more. Hence a second bowl.


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2nd Poke Bowl @Da Poke Shack

Here's the second bowl, a much more delectable one with their Hawaiian and Spicy Korean poke. Oh this was so good. I wish I could have so much more. But of course, this price would drain my bank account. And I have to add, the spicy Korean flavor worked better with the tuna than the mussels.


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