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Wagyu Experts at Moe Yakiniku

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We were able to get last minute Friday reservations at Moe Yakiniku 3. It’s the third expansion of the restaurant. Known for it’s selection of wagyu and it’s service, we were more than excited to check it out. It’s located in the Da’an district along a street of other restaurants. Inside, the eating area were divided into more intimate sections. Our area had four tables with seating for four. There’s ventilation suction valves at each table and the yakiniku grill was heated with charcoal. Already a lovely sign.

It was all about wagyu here, Australian to be exact. All of our cuts were A5 wagyu with a B.M.S. score of 9. If you want to know more about what that means, read wagyu.org/breed-info/meat-grading/.  I sure had to because I’m used to only hearing A5 until our server told me it was “A9”. So much more learning to do with this wonderful cattle. Anyways, as I mentioned, they are serious about the beef here. And even though I insisted on cooking it ourselves (cuz you know, that’s all the fun in yakiniku) they soon took over. I have to say, they did a much better job than I did. The server knew how to cook it just right, to get that small sear without overcooking, or in my case, undercooking the meat.

A serious place for high end yakiniku where they also focus on service. No wonder there are now three of these restaurants. I’m looking forward to trying this place again.

Moe Yakiniku 3

No. 24, Ln. 116, Guangfu S. Rd.
Daan Dist, Taipei, Taiwan
+886 2 2731 1750

Verdict: Yes, check this place out. It’s on the expensive side but for this grade of wagyu, it’s worth it.

The Beef Sign @Moe Yakiniku

Presented at the entrance are the available cuts of the day. You won't be able to order the ones that aren't lit up. Also, this is the only place you'll see English. We referred to my camera when we ordered.?

Meat Locker @Moe Yakiniku

On the way to the restrooms, you can spot through a window where they store their beef. They do have Kobe beef here. I'm unsure if we actually had any Kobe cuts in our meal. More than likely not. The bill would have been so much more. Glad it's available though.

Side Dishes @Moe Yakiniku

I know Japan and Korea share similarities, but the flavors in the side dishes made it very banchan-like. You got spicy pickled radish, spicy garlic cucumbers, and kimchi. All very fresh. We had to stop ourselves from eating too much of it because it served another role in our wraps.

Ox Impressions: 

Lettuce Wraps @Moe Yakiniku

Along with the rice we also had a side of lettuce for wraps along with garlic and Korean chili paste.

Chuck Rib @Moe Yakiniku

We cooked this first set of meat. We made them so rare to medium rare, that the server soon insisted she cook for us. I guess they didn't want us to get sick. But who could with this wonderfully marbled goodness.

$460 NTD

Ox Impressions: 

Tri Tip @Moe Yakiniku

Although these were cut thin, the amount of the fat they had in them made them so good to eat. These we ate with the sauce and rice.

$420 NTD

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Short Rib @Moe Yakiniku

If you only can try one item, get the short ribs here. They are so rich that even though they may look small, eating them set us well into feeling full. There are four pieces. One had already made it to the grill when I snapped this photo. Both the wrap and rice were good with this cut.

$780 NTD

Ox Impressions: 

Ribeye @Moe Yakiniku

Cut number four, the ribeye. This was humongous. Feeling a bit full, we both looked at each other and reminded each other that there was one more order. But looking at this beautiful piece of steak, we couldn't help but drool.

$1880 NTD

Ox Impressions: 

Rib Roast @Moe Yakiniku

The final cut was what I believe to be the rib roast. In the menu it's close to that region, but the sign outside listed it as cube roll. Not very helpful. Still, it's also a tasty cut.

#380 NTD

Ox Impressions: 

Cooking the Short Ribs @Moe Yakiniku

The server was fantastic. Everything was cooked perfectly to a medium rare, which is fine given this grade of waygu. There's no way these will be dry in the hands of an expert.

Finished Ribeye @Moe Yakiniku

Here's the plating of the ribeye. Works with both the rice and the lettuce wrap. And plenty of slices for you to try out different combinations. We were pretty full by the time we finished this. But we still had the rib roast to go. Luckily, that tasted just as good, so it was more about taking our time to eat the final pieces.

Ox Impressions: 

Vegetable Soup @Moe Yakiniku

A vegetable soup was served during our meal, which was a great compliment to each dish. It may have added to our fullness but I felt like this was a must for this type of meal.

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