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Walking along the streets of Sai Ting Pun, your eyes will be drawn to all the new buildings popping up. Some occupied by fancy restaurants others by Western hotel chains. If you happen to come by the glitzy Best Western, you might just notice people eating on the side street between the hotel and the neon lit McDonald’s. When you see that, you are in the presence of Kwan Kee Claypot Rice. An institution that’s been around for ages serving the classic claypot rice bowls.

What makes this place different from the ones over on Kowloon side of Hong Kong is the atmosphere. The people working here have a sense of humor. It’s not all about getting people in and out the fastest by streamlining the food prep. No, this place was sit down, joke with the host, order and wait for your food as it’s being prepared to order.

There was a wait for our claypots, but I didn’t mind at all after tasting the food. It was good! You can read about it more below.

Service wise, it’s typical local Hong Kong. That was, you’ll need to flag people down if you need anything. And don’t worry, they can speak English and have an English menu. They do get a fair number of tourists, but we did notice a good amount of locals. They’re the ones who make up most of the wait. Surprisingly not the tourists. I think it’s because Sai Ying Pun isn’t a tourist hot spot. Mainly a place to stay for most visitors, while Mong Kok attracts all the foreigners looking for that “local” vibe. Awesome. Stay over there while us local foodie explorers find gems like this.

Kwan Kee Claypot Rice

263 Queen’s Road West (entrance off Kwai Heung Street)
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
+852 2803 7209

Verdict: Up for a little adventure into the local eating? This would be your introduction with its good food and foreigner friendly atmosphere.

Street Seating @Kwan Kee Claypot

On a good night, like this night, outside seating was more preferable than sitting inside. How else can you experience the open air of Hong Kong. Yeah, take it all in.

Table Necessities @Kwan Kee Claypot

For any street eating in Hong Kong, the hot tea serves as both a pre-rinser of your utensils as well as your tea to drink. Yeah, this I'm told was a common practice. Before using your bowl, spoon, and chopsticks, you can pour hot tea over them and dump the used tea. The owners didn't even bat an eye to what we were doing.

White Eel Claypot @Kwan Kee Claypot

The eel claypot came out with some big chunks of white eel. Usually at other places you get smaller portions, but here, they are noticeably bigger and plumper. Nicely done!

$95 HKD

Ox Impressions: 

Spareribs & Preserved Meat Claypot @Kwan Kee Claypot

In my opinion, this would be the classic claypot rice bowl. One that has pork spare ribs, lap cheong, and other meats I can't name. But you know what, it's all good, especially when you add an egg. It was all so good. And when you get to the bottom, you get so much crunchy rice that I was in carb heaven.

$85 HKD (+$8 for egg)

Ox Impressions: 

Inside Seating @Kwan Kee Claypot

Of course, if sitting on the streets of Hong Kong makes you uneasy, you can get a seat inside. Probably a good idea if you have a larger group or if it's raining outside.

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