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Korean Italian at Moyo

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That’s right, imagine your favorite Korean dishes with an Italian influence. At MOYO, they are bringing people together within SoHo to enjoy these creations in an intimate environment on the streets of Aberdeen. Unlike its neighbors around the corner, this place was less about just getting sloshed and more about the quality eats… while you’re getting sloshed.  What can I say, they do have a good range of drinks here.

Inside this easily overlooked restaurant front, you’ll walk into the dining area with tables suitable for groups of two to four. There’s an area toward the back for larger groups, but for the most part this caters to smaller groups. There’s a bar, but again it’s not made for your company happy hour hangout. Not like that’s the atmosphere we wanted. We only wanted to eat.

Our server was great, taking our order and being attentive and all. But the awesome part was that, we were a group of three and it happens that the menu was made for binary groups. That was, things came in two. However, they decided to bring out dishes like the corn and the bruschetta in servings of three. How nice was that. Of course, pricing was adjusted accordingly, but it meant we didn’t have to double up on orders. That’s paying attention to your customers, right then and there.

Overall, it lives up to its reputation. There are times they’re taking big chances with the flavors that it’ll make you wonder if you are in fact eating at a Korean restaurant.


36 Aberdeen St
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2858 2777

Verdict: Interesting place to expand your Korean taste buds. If you’re looking for a change, give this place a try.

Grilled Sweet Corn @MOYO

At first I thought of elote, Mexican street corn, when I saw this come out. But it's nothing like it except for the corn. That's ricotta cheese my friends, a generous amount of it too. Seasoned with honey, butter, and black pepper, these give will give the elote a run for their money in my book. Good stuff.

$78 HKD

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Brussel Sprouts @MOYO

If you're looking for healthy veggies to balance your meal, you must look elsewhere. This is one heavy dish with dwaenjang paste, almonds, and peanut butter. The brussel sprouts themselves were cooked until soft giving way to crunchy almonds. And okay dish, but just a bit on the sweet side.

$98 HKD

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Spicy Rice Cakes @MOYO

A classic Korean seafood dukbokki (rice cakes) dish with that sweet and spicy gochujang sauce. The seafood was so fresh this dish disappeared in seconds.

$168 HKD

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Bruschetta @MOYO

What can give bruschetta a kick? How about some kimchi, little dabs of it so it doesn't overpower those lovely tomatoes. Not bad for this natural combination.

$68 HKD

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Korean Fried Chicken @MOYO

Boneless chunks of fried chicken with four types of sauces. It's extra crunchy and may not be the type of Korean fried chicken you're looking for (being double fried), but it's still very tender and tasty.

$198 HKD

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Bulgoghi @MOYO

When I think of bulgogi, I think of that stringy beef served at Korean BBQ shops not this boneless prime beef short rib. Served with diced onions and mushrooms this was a more refined version. Only the taste reminds you of that classic bulgogi flavor. Other than that, you have yourself wonderfully prepared cuts of beef.

$228 HKD

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