With what seems to be a shortage of Creole and Cajun food in the Mission, Alba Ray’s has become a welcomed addition. They have a family style meal where you can add smaller plates to sample. And actually their appetizers will give you a good range of their menu. It was almost tapas like, which was great. With our group of five, we covered most of the dishes we wanted to try. The price tag is a bit high. Very high for those who had these dishes in the South, but hey, this is crossed with California.

The service was great. Very attentive staff. Given that it’s been open for less than six months, it’s pretty awesome. They’re running a great crew here. Even handled our botched salad gracefully.

Overall, the food was good and the atmosphere was lively. The space was large enough to split the dining and bar area. So if you don’t have a reservation, you may have luck at the bar with the tables around there. But if not, enjoy their bar. It’s fully stocked with all the comforts.

Alba Ray’s

2293 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
+1 (415) 872-9409

Verdict: Worth a try. Come with a big group to sample more dishes.

Escarole Salad

A nice portion to share among the five of us was this grilled escarole tossed with a creamy herb dressing. Mixed in with it were celeriac, egg, and croutons. It was tasty however, the texture of the pepper used made it very sandy. We weren't prepared for that.

$11.25 USD

Ox Impressions: 

Creole BBQ Shrimp

This was a wonderful start to the meal. Grilled shrimp smothered in a rich sauce. Add a squeeze of that grilled lemon and you got yourself a tasty appetizer that'll make you ask for more bread. Can't leave any leftovers of that sauce.

$16.25 USD

Ox Impressions: 

Grilled Rabbit Sausage

Served over grits and some cooked herbs, the tender rabbit sausage dish was a nice balance of savory and starch. You may want to order two of these for a larger dinner party.

$14.25 USD

Ox Impressions: 

Mixed Pork for Two

Okay, this was a fun dish of the night. There are several type of pork to try out here and the best were the pork loin and the head cheese. The pork loin was nice and juicy, cut thick enough for you to enjoy the natural flavors in all it's glory. While the head cheese, well, it was deep fried. So good.

$49.00 USD

Ox Impressions: 

Plating the Jambalaya

The jambalaya plated by the table. Letting you enjoy how it's still hot and sizzling in that hot pan.

Creole Chicken & Pork Jambalaya

The portions were plated evenly for everyone. You'll remember the chunks of chicken and pork mixed in there. They're not modest about letting those proteins stand out. The flavor wasn't masked by the seasoning nor was there that much heat. Just simple and good jambalaya.

$17.00 USD/person

Ox Impressions: 

Mac & Cheese

For sides we had mac and cheese that had hidden inside, small bits of crispy pork belly. The types of bits that will make you get your searching for more.

$9.00 USD

Ox Impressions: 


Oh look at that. Hot and fresh light beignets served with a salted caramel sauce. I had a little of the sauce And while it was great, I thought their pristine form was the best way to enjoy them. Light, crispy, with a bit of chewiness that'll make you want them all to yourself.

$6.75 USD

Ox Impressions: 

Cinnamon Bun Bread Pudding

There was also this bread pudding served with creme anglaise, candied hazelnuts, and rum sauce. It was good and a bit heavy if you're scooping up that sauce.

$7.75 USD

Ox Impressions: 

Creole Praline Bark

The restaurant gave us a free sample of the praline bark which is very sweet. Something that you'll want to have with coffee. If not, just keep that glass of water nearby.

$6.25 USD

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