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You may not know this but Tokyo can get as hot and humid as the tropical countries in Southeast Asia. Thankfully, there’s so many places that have air conditioning. Yet, nothing feels better on a hot day than eating something that will cool you down from the inside. That’s where soba enters the picture. A few blocks away from Harajuku station is Kamakura Matsubaraan Keyaki, a restaurant up in the Harajuku Quest Building. There they serve their signature Sudachi Onioroshi Soba. It’s a cold soba noodle bowl that will reinvigorate your sun fatigued body so you can go back to the mesmerizing Harajuku streets.

Just an elevator ride up, you’ll find the entrance off to your left. There’s some seats outside for you to wait as the host will call you in. It may look dark outside, but don’t worry, you’ll be transported to a brightly inviting space.

Inside you’ll be asked to take off your shoes. I figure they bring in one group at a time to keep track of things. Because when we were ready to leave, they had our shoes ready for us at the entrance.

The atmosphere inside was quiet, not silent. People do talk and the staff communicates does communicate with the tables often, but it felt like it was kept down to a lower volume. They even adopted a push button system to get the attention of your server. Nice. It was like a tranquil getaway. They also catered to foreigners well enough to have both Chinese and English menus. And yes, the staff speak English as well. Good enough to change our order when we decided we wanted something another table was having. Not a problem for them. They even showed us what it was on the English menu. Wonderful. I love it when people are patient with tourists.

Kamakura Matsubaraan Keyaki (鎌倉 松原庵 欅)

1 Chome−13−14 原宿クエスト
Japan, 〒150-0001 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingūmae
Harajuku Quest Building
+81 3-3478-7444

Verdict: I’d recommend coming by here to try their soba, if you can appreciate high quality soba.

Sukui Tofu

We started off with the tofu made with organic soybean from Nagano. Very delicate and with a little dab of their sauce, it was great.


Ox Impressions: 

Avocado Camembert Cheese Salad

I should have taken the description of this dish literally because I was expecting a salad with more greens. Nope, it's a salad made with only those ingredients listed. So this wasn't the healthier salad I was looking for. Though, it's actually very good.


Ox Impressions: 

Sudachi Onioroshi Soba

Here's the IG ready bowl of cold soba with grated radish in citrus soup. A very good way to cool you down as you enjoy that wonderful broth.


Ox Impressions: 

Kamo Seiro

Here's a good helping of soba served with wild duck warm dipping bowl. The noodles are firm and the wonderful buckwheat taste came through even after dipping.


Ox Impressions: 

Duck Broth Dipping Bowl

The dipping sauce was tasty and had some thick juicy cuts of duck breast along with stems of green onions. So good that I almost wanted to drink the sauce like a soup.


Well, you can actually drink the dipping sauce like a soup after you finish the proteins. You just had to wait for them to bring out the soup broth. After you pour it into your bowl, it mellows out the saltines letting you enjoy it as a closer to your meal.

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