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Along the quaint streets of Daikanyama, you can find Sushi Katsurada. It’s a neighborhood sushi place that serves up a high-end experience at reasonable prices. It was a lucky find through a search of good things to eat in Daikanyama. And although there were many places to go to in Shibuya and even Ebisu, we wanted to keep it close by our station because we were shopping all day. I needed a closer place to walk to in this humid heat.

You may not be able to spot it, but if you just go into the building it’s on the right, the one with the frosted windows. And once inside, it’s actually a nice and cozy spot. Tables to one side and the sushi bar taking the other half. You can see where we chose to sit. It wasn’t too busy at all. So why not get up close and meet our chefs.

We got the omakase for just ¥6,000 a person. That included a set of appetizers, ten courses of sushi, soup, and dessert. Not a bad price point. The food was solid. And although I wished they had a better selection of fish, what they had was fresh and well prepared. The chefs did their best explaining each course and even slowed it down for me to take notes. Their English wasn’t too great but enough for us to get through the meal. I think I did a fair job labeling everything we had.

We also got a bottle of sake to go with our meal. That actually took us a long time to finish. And oh boy, was it more than we bargained for. But hey, this was milling grade of 39. If you want to know more about that, check out sake classifications.

Long story short, about an hour and a half later, after a couple more extra nigiri, we finally finished everything. That was all I needed for sushi here in Tokyo.

Katsurada 代官山 鮓桂田(すしかつらだ)

2 Chome−17−8, アイ ティー オー 代官山 1 階
Shibuya, Ebisunishi
Japan, 〒150-0021 Tokyo
+81 3-3770-9880

Verdict: While it may not be in your top sushi places to try in Tokyo, this should be a place to try if you’re in the neighborhood.

Sushi Plates

For the plates, we got cuts of nagaimo (which is the non-grated form of that tororo you may have seen earlier) and pickled ginger.


What we got first was this gelatinous ball covered with miso and sudachi zest. Inside was a savory piece of something I couldn't make out. Tasted great.

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Summer Greens

Next up was a fresh serving of chilled greens that have been boiled in a light bonito flavored broth.

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The first up in the nigiri was the red snapper. Beautiful cut with a thin brushing of nikiri. Our omakase was looking good.

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The sardine was tangy and reminded me of mackerel. I wasn't sure how I felt about the fish and actually ordered it again. I'm slightly in favor of this over your typical saba, mackerel.

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Now the sea conch came out with a bit of a surprise. It was a large piece. As fresh as it was, it was quite a bit to scarf down.

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I haven't had squid nigiri in a long time and I have to say, I need to get it back into the regular line up. Especially if it's prepared like this, with a bit of wasabi and a brushing of nikiri. Wonderful texture and taste.

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Not sure what was layered on the sweet shrimp, but I hardly noticed it over the delightful taste of the shrimp.

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Uni and Ikura

Here comprises a contrast of my favorite and not so beloved sushi, sea urchin and salmon roe. I love uni and here we have two variations from Hokkaido. Then there's the salmon roe, which was fresh, but not something I really like in general. Maybe I should have asked to have both as uni. :)

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A lovely looking cut of bonito topped with minced ginger and green onions. Not a bad combination.

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Okay, this was a perfect balance of fat and protein for fatty tuna. Look at those balanced lines of fat. Just gorgeous and so decadent.

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Tekka Maki

Look at the fish to rice ratio on these rolls. Yes, this is Japan, not the US where the tastes are much more in favor of the fish.

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Sunfish Maki

The other maki in the set was sunfish. I believe that's what the chef told me. It's a firm type of fish that I want to say is in the conch family. But nope, I double checked, this was a fish.

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Miso Soup

Once all the fushi was served it was time to wash it all down with a warm bowl of soup.

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Egg Cake

The final course was of course dessert. Here we have what I'm describe to as an egg cake which is very close to a sponge cake, with the exception of it's density of course. Sweet and hits the spot.

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