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A Dash Reboot

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I remember going to Dash when it was right across from the movie theater. Now it sits in core downtown San Mateo offering an upgraded dining experience with its larger space. My friends and I stopped by to check out all the changes. There’s much more room now and houses a larger sushi bar space for those who want to chat up the chefs. But if you want table service, there’s plenty of room for that.

If you happen to find George behind the counter (not pictured), you’re up for a treat. He’s the mastermind behind this place. And he’ll keep the omakase interesting for you, especially if you let him know. A great guy who will make sure you get the best of what the restaurant can offer. That includes the alcohol which was stocked proudly opposite the sushi bar. It’s like you’re surrounded by bars. fine by me. I’m ordering from both.

Dash does paint itself as a place for izakaya, but I know it more for its sushi offering. We went with the 10 piece omakase for $45 USD. You may notice I’ve only got pictures for the first five. Somehow I totally forgot to take pictures of the second half. I blame the sake! My bad regardless. To make up for it, I hope you enjoy the photos of all the add ons we got. And that’s the great feature here. The omakase is quite affordable (they even have a 5 piece set) for high-quality sushi flown in from Japan. That leaves you with room in your wallet to try out other things. Which is of course what we did.

Overall, a great dinner and it’s a place I will revisit often. Maybe one day a non-sushi visit? Hmm… maybe not.

Dash Japanese Tapas and Sushi

204 2nd Ave
San Mateo, CA 94401
+1 (650) 340-1508

Verdict: This is fast becoming the neighborhood sushi spot that’s worth a visit.


We started off with some nicely pan-fried pork dumplings. They didn't last too long in front of four hungry dudes.

$7 USD

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Next was the wasabi marinated squid topped with sea urchin. You can almost see that creamy sea urchin underneath the chopped seaweed. Still a wonderful dish even with the price increase.

$10 USD

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First Round

The first set of nigiri for each one of us was a change from my previous visit here. Gotta appreciate it when the chef keeps it interesting. It is omakase after all.


Black sea bream topped with what tasted like dried granulated bonito. I wasn't too much of a fan of the topping, but the fish was great. I think it was added for texture, but there's no need for it here.

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Golden eye red snapper. How can you not fall in love with this fish? Well, when it's accented with a yuzu puree, it's hard to resist.

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It's almost a journey through the snapper family of fish with this piece of baby red snapper. Three in a row that all had their unique taste.

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Maguro Zuke

The marinated bluefin tuna was a slightly tangy change up to the course.

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Ending our first course was surf clam which was my first time having it here at Dash. Nice to see it included in the set.

Engawa and Sake Toro

So even though I may not have the second set of nigiri to show you, there's plenty more food porn to be had. Here we have engawa, the fin muscle of hirame, and the fatty belly from King salmon. Yeah, we were ordering up a storm.

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Hon Maguro Quadro

We then decided to finish the night off with an order of their four offerings of bluefin tuna. Now this was a great way to close out dinner.

$24 USD

Hon Maguro

First off the four was the lean cut of bluefin tuna.

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Hon Maguro Zuke

Next was the familiar marinated bluefin tuna. This cut was much more marinated than the first one I had. A bit on the tangy side, but still pretty good.

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Hon Maguro Chu-Toro

Oh yeah, this was love. The right balance of fat and muscle. So good!

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Hon Maguro O-Toro

The grand finale came as the fattiest of the tuna belly topped with a little caviar. Did I mention this was part of a four-piece course that's only $24 bucks? Yeah, I'd say great deal.

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