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Late Night Eats at Taquería El Califa

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It was a long day and we were hungry. So it was off to Taquería El Califa near La Condesa. The place was on our list of eats, specifically for their Al Pastor. An added bonus was the fact that it was in a quaint part of town. A neighborhood we later explored, discovering a mezcal bar, which… I will save for another time. I’d rather keep the good memories of the night centered around this posh establishment.

Around this time, 7pm, the place was only half busy. It may be due to the fact the streets were being repaired. Most likely the fall out of the earthquake given the extent of the repairs. But that didn’t stop us, or the ten other parties there. The place was spacious and had an open kitchen. It was well ventilated so you can admire your meal being created.

We sat and once they figured out, from our broken Spanish, that we were better off speaking English, they swapped out waiter. He was very helpful and patient. Though we couldn’t understand what a gringa was on the menu after several explanations. It didn’t matter though, all the other things we ordered were delicious. No regrets there. And better yet, this place was totally opposite from yesterday’s taco fest. There was no worry about the cleanliness here. Overall, this place was a safe bet for eats.

Taquería El Califa

Altata 22
06170 Ciudad de México
CDMX, Mexico
+52 55 5511 9424

Verdict: If you are avoiding street vendors, you’ll want to come here for your tacos.

Assorted Salsa

Here are all the condiments for your taco feast. Each table gets a set and if you need more, just flag your server.

Chicharrón de Queso

Although this was highly recommended online, it was quite underwhelming. It's simply fried cheese that will leave you reaching for your beer. I recommend passing on this.

$62 MXD

Ox Impressions: 

Bistec con Queso

Although it might not look like much, this taco is larger than the normal sized ones and topped with grilled cheese. Very tasty, especially after you top it off.

$57 MXD

Ox Impressions: 

Al Pastor

Here's what this place is famous for, their pork al pastor tacos. Lightly charred from the flames it was a wonderful treat. As for being the best in town, it's definitely up there. I think if they remembered to give us some pineapple, it may have rocked the charts.

$16 MXD

Ox Impressions: 

Al Pastor/Pollo

Not sure why the chicken al pastor costs more, but at this price, there was no need to worry. And look, I remembered to top it before taking a picture. Looks much better right? It tasted really good too.

$18 MXD

Ox Impressions: 

Rib-Eye con Queso

This was a good and filling taco. The ribeye was cut thin but didn't lack any flavor. And being one of the larger tacos, I could see why it costs considerably more.

$78 MXD

Ox Impressions: 


Oh why did this have to come out after all the others. If I had this earlier, I would have ordered this all night. These juicy cuts of skirt steak were so good. I am drooling just remembering about it.

$26 MXD

Ox Impressions: 

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