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Nestled Between the Busy Streets, Café NiN

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After one fun night exploring with one too many mezcal shots, it was off Café NiN to nurture my dehydrated body back to health. I was in need of something simple, something fresh, and most of all, something tasty. You know what, they delivered. But most of all it was in this little cafe that I noticed, it was void of the noises I’ve been getting accustomed to, the noisy streets. There were no cars speeding on by, no incessant honking, just the quiet clinking of of hungry utensils and muttered morning conversations. I think I actually heard the birds too.

There’s plenty of seating inside the building, but we chose to sit a outside in the alleyway. They’ve made it into a little urban oasis. And if I had time, I’d sit here all day and catch up on my writing. It was very quaint and inviting. Put in a hammock and I’d be here everyday.

Ordering was easy as they do have menus in different languages and the wait staff could speak English. Once we got our food, it was simple to flag them down to get refills or anything else we needed. But what I really liked about this place was the atmosphere. It was just so peaceful. Given the state of my ringing head this was more than ideal. And by the time we were done, I was a rejuvenated man. Thanks Café NiN, time to get back to exploring!

Café NiN

Havre 73
06600 Cuahtemoc
CDMX, Mexico
+52 55 5207 7065

Verdict: This place is great for breakfast and brunch.


Donut and Croissant

As you expect, the baked goods here were amazing. Light and fluffy and not over the top on sweetness. There's just enough to keep you coming back for more. Until it's all gone of course. I would have ordered more if we didn't have our main dishes coming up.

$30 MXD / sugar and pastry cream donut
$43 MXD / croissant with fig jam

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Tomato and Bread Stew

What a beautiful way to start the morning. It's almost like a tomato soup topped with chopped basil, parmesan cheese, and best of all a fried egg. Delicious!

$95 MXD

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Scrambled Eggs

Although, I didn't try any, my buddy swears by his scrambled eggs with zucchini flowers and goat cheese.

$85 MXD

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Another way to cure your hangover, a whole pot of tea, strong tea to wake your senses.

$42 MXD

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Pineapple and Beetroot Juice

For me, the cure was this pineapple and beetroot juice. This was a perfect blend to counter the tartness of the pineapple. Man, it made my morning.

$40 MXD

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