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Pujol’s Lunch Tasting

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It’s not often to get a chance to try one of the world’s best restaurant. And not only that, a restaurant redefining Mexican fine dining. Yes. Leave the images of street vendors and late night taquerias at the door. Replace it with a posh yet quaint environment with refined flavors and then you’ll get Pujol. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll get some of your familiar dishes and even some street food classics. What may surprise you though, would be how amazing they are in the hands of a chef like Enrique Olvera. We were about to find out.

Just arriving there was incredible. The place was like a mid century modern dream house with it’s own herb garden in the back and an entertainers patio equipped with a full bar. You could almost forget you’re at a restaurant. Well, that is once you stop roaming around outside and actually check in.

Inside there were plenty of seats. Being the first group in, the place kinda felt empty. I also thought there were way to may wait staff standing around doing nothing. Boy was I naive. Within thirty minutes, the place filled up and everything came to life.

At our table, we each had the day’s tasting menu, complete the how many days the mole had been aged. Pretty neat that they do this every day. Even sealing each one with wax. That made for quite a user experience eating here. Our prix fixe menu included a six course meal at $1957 MXD (around $99 USD). Four of the courses had options to choose from and drinks were extra. For wine lovers, they have a pretty good selection and for those needing a harder punch, they also have a good selection of mezcal’s and tequila.

The food comes out at a good pace and the whole meal took over an hour to complete. Probably because we were sharing food, taking pictures, and being seated outside for dessert. If you see their herb garden and patio you would want to as well. I think going here for lunch made it possible. I can’t imagine how crowded it would get in the evening. So glad we were able to land a reservation here and experience this food.


Tennyson 133
Polanco IV Sección
11570 Ciudad de México
CDMX, Mexico
+52 55 5545 4111

Verdict: Definitely worth a visit if you don’t mind the price tag and make sure to reserve a table.

Course 1: Street Snacks

We start off the street snack with this bite sized item. I'm not sure what it was a play on, maybe your street tostada? It was crunchy and topped with meat and avocado with a kick of citrus.

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Course 1: Street Snacks, Elote

Next was Pujol's renown take on street corn. In this rendition, Chef Olvera uses baby corns and drenches them in a lovely mayonnaise based chicatana sauce.

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Course 2: Rice

Onto the second course, where the majority of us went for the rice with geoduck and scallops. They are all tucked under the cilantro and blended well into the risotto.

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Course 3: Lobster Infladita

For a little extra, we went with the fluffy fried tortilla stuffed with chorizo and lobster. I know, you can't really see the ingredients and this little beauty was too beautiful to eat... for about 10 seconds.

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Course 3: Lobster Infladita

Breaking into it uncovered everything we were looking for. Delicious!

Course 4: Grilled Fish

I actually didn't order the sea bass, but had a taste of my neighbors. And I have to say, this was the best main course of the meal.

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Course 4: Pork Chop

This was my choice for the course, a juicy pork chop topped with a red chichilo mole with diced butternut squash.

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Course 5: Mole Madre

Here's the signature course, mole, a traditional sauce. But it's not your ordinary sauce, it's one that's been aged 1441 days. And it's mixed with a newer batch of mole (the red middle).

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Course 5: Mole Madres with Tortillas

You can try the mole on it's own or with their homemade tortillas. I recommend doing both.

Course 5.5: Interlude

Since we wanted to check out the garden and patio, we were led out to a lounge table for our dessert. And before the last course arrived, we were all given a scoop of coffee ice cream on top of a blood orange sorbet.

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Course 6: Chocolate

This wasn't your typical chocolate dessert. It's surrounded by some unique textures and flavors to keep you wondering which combinations to try next.

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Course 6: Black Sesame Tamal

Here's a black sesame tamal with a passion fruit sorbet and topped with some blueberries. It's a very satisfying dessert that in my opinion, pushes the boundaries without losing its identity of Mexican cuisine.

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Course 6.1: Churro

We were in for another treat today as the kitchen sent out their churro for us to try. It's a lot skinnier than usual and was more about the crispiness. Well done Pujol. We've completed your journey and it was fantastic.

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